Where can I find a Gluten Free Meal Plan?

  Gluten Free Meal PlanWe are glad to offer our free gluten free, dariy free meal plan to evey one and while you are there check our delicious recipes. Keep checking back, we will have our grain free meal plan up soon....more

Free Healthy Foodie Giveaway

CharmsTheFoodiehttp://www.charmsthefoodie.com/foodie-giveaways.html I am giving a free healthy foodie basket filled with my favorite snacks, which I blogged about. Please copy and paste the link to learn more...more

Free Mug!!

 http://www.homelace.com/#!free-mug-give-a-way/czx9Sign up for Home Lace FREE monthly newsletter and receive a free mug (while supplies last).Each month Home Lace brings you great articles, video's, and resources.  Sign up today and get your free mug! Home Lace...more

Relax feel free live your best life!

Relaxing, feeling easy, not stressing, just letting everything from the universe unfold, being passive has always been an alien thought in our western society. We need to push forward, take charge, control every situation to be successful, or so we have been taught. All that living stressed with negativity, like a tight rope, does is block positive energy that is the power from within, all that is needed to achieve the best life. By releasing stress through relaxing, not needing the negative energy, stress, to live your life, you can be free to be you, the best you....more

Cheap (or free) date night ideas

My husband and I live on one income. We make ends meet, but we also are trying to save, save, save. So when we do actually get a chance to go on a date, you’d better believe we’re doing everything we can to spend the least amount of money possible.Here are a few of our favorite things to do to stretch your dollar while spending some quality time together. Alone....more

Leave your emotional baggage at home when embracing on life's great adventure!

Leaving your emotional baggage at the doorway of life frees you to live your best life. Yes instead of carrying all the unnecessary emotions that we cling to, that only slow us down, let go live free with out  useless emotions. Emotions never ever produced a positive action in our lives. Stop and think back to a time when you need action or had to solve a problem did fear, negativity, resentment, anger, you know the emotions that I am addressing, ever help the situation?...more

101 fun ideas for summer!

summer can't come fast enough, yet at the same time we're not quite ready for it. what are we going to do all summer with the kids? school gets out for us in 2 weeks. and it starts up at the end of august that means we have 79 days of summer. so here are 101 fun ideas to fill those days!...more

Banana Mango Dairy Free Milkshake

 Oooooo honey, I absolutely love myself a milkshake! Especially when chopping down on one of my guilty pleasures, french fries! No sweat, I don’t eat them often at all *wink.* However, as much as I love milkshakes my body just can not handle the aftermath of consuming’em! * Shaking My Head*So, what did I do?!I came up with a healthier alternative to having my milkshake & drinking it, too (childish neck roll)....more

5 Cheap Places to Explore With Kids

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need a ton of money to do something fun with the kids.  Sure, our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto was a lot of fun.  But it cost a good chunk of money to drive there, park, pay for tickets, and eat while we were there.  Making memories and planning great experiences doesn’t have to cost so much though.  It doesn’t even have to cost anything....more

PlayBuzz - Free Fun Blog Content and Interactive Content Creation Platform

Any blogger is famillar with blogging successes like BuzzFeed and Upworthy and we all wish we could have even 1% of the traffic and user engagement levels they do. So what's the secret? How do they do it?...more