Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE!

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 5 Books: Wither you into  the newest it book or just want to catch up on a classic, explore the range of free options before paying for it. First of all  local libraries are a great source of fee books and often have new release sooner than most people think. ...more

Working for Free: When Does It Make Sense?

Work for free?!? Pshh. Never! Right? Well … Generally speaking, I think writers should always be paid for their work. Your time is money, right? But there are no absolutes, and sometimes working for free really does make sense. When to Work for Free Sure, you want to be paid for your efforts. Can't blame you there (me too!). But sometimes doing some work for free can be really beneficial in the long term. ...more
Aside from portfolio building, sometimes I like to think about working for free as part of my ...more

More Free Books!

Lucky me!!  I've found yet another resource for free Kindle e-books!  This is a Facebook page that posts throughout the day.  Not all of them are free, they do post a few greatly reduced titles.  Pay close attention to the Amazon page to make sure you're getting the free ones....more

A free movie that's bad is still a bad movie

It's generous that the village association in Falmouth offers a free family movie night on Wednesdays at Peg Noonan Park - and I don't mean to complain - but who's picking these movies?I didn't bring the boys in July because the movie choices were bad and the August selections aren't much better. ...more

Liberty Science Center Giveaway!

I recently visited the Liberty Science Center to check out their new summer exhibits, and I had a total blast! Check out my review and enter to win two free tickets to the LSC!

Review Opportunity

Hi! My name is Casie, I'm the owner of Because I Tried it found at I'm looking for bloggers to review our product as well as guestbloggers and hoped you'd be interested.Please check out my website and let me know if your interested. Casie...more

Free lifetime learning

I have a lot of friends in school, who are educators, or who homeschool.On my blog I have started a list of free University courses, Free open textbooks, curriculum for teachers and will be adding additional resources we used when homeschooling... Hope the lists are helpful

Belle Marsh All Free today

Free today Belle's mystery on kindle

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! :D Win a free copy of First Brood: Dreamhunter

Free Concerts And More

I love finding new resources, especially in the arts.  Today's post is about ...more