Frugal Entertainment

Ok, this goes beyond frugal to absolutely free!!  Yes, free!  Did you know you can watch full-length movies on your computer for free?  Thanks to YouTube, you can.Here's the link:

Frgual Resolutions

Ok, so actually making a resolution is free.  But sometimes keeping them is not.  With that in mind, here's a way to take some of the cost out of attaining your goal.The U.S. government wants to help you meet those resolutions!  They have quite a few websites that have FREE resources to assist you. First, go to this website:

Fill in the Blanks

Try This. Fill in the Blanks...more

More Free Books

I've found another resource for free ebooks.  As if the 3000+ I already have on my Kindle and Nook weren't enough...I found a site that will give me lists for both on a daily basis!!FREE eBook Deal is a website that tracks free books for both the Kindle and the Nook.  At the current time, these are the only two formats available.  There are a number of ways to get these free books from this site....more

Healthy Chocolate Giveaway!

Check out my blog for a giveaway of *superfood* chocolate - yum!Ends the day before Thanksgiving, winner announced on Thanksgiving....more

My Handyman

Have I mentioned how much I love going to the hardware store? I know, kind of different... but it's by far my favourite store to go shopping at. I know, again, different. I remember going shopping with my parents at the mall and when they'd split up to go in separate directions I'd love to go with my dad to the hardware store. Just being there brings back a nice "homey" kind of feeling. I could spend hours there just looking around at all the fabulous tools and home decor items....more
Neat! I had no idea they offered classes for kids. I'm going to have to check this out :)more

Sony and Kobo

While the Sony and Kobo e-readers are not among the most popular, I have found a site where owners of these two can download free e-books!The site is Inkmesh.  In addition to Sony and Kobo, they also list free books from Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, and Baen.  Searches can be made by title, author, genre, or e-reader.  They also list books that are not free but that can be helpful when searching for a particular author/title. ...more

Not Too Bad!!

So far this morning, I'm having a pretty lucky day.  I've managed to score free Green Giant vegetables (full-size), free hair color from John Frieda (full-size), and free headlight restorer (sample) from Murphy Racing.  And I haven't been awake that long!...more

Stay Warm :: A Kid's Fingerless Mitten Knitting Pattern

The 'Stay Warm' mittens are perfect hand warmers for kids on cool autumn mornings! Knit these fingerless mitts in an evening, using scraps or a bit of  favorite yarn....more
Go for it!! They are very simple once you get the hang o fthe dpns.. which I never really enjoy LOLmore