Win a Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3

Hi everyone! We're giving away a Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3 (a rated Mature game) on here!  It's a great giveaway and perfect for a gift for yourself or others!  <3 Trina FintonCEO/FounderGamingAngels.comFast Company Top Women in Gaming 2010Xbox MVP 09, 10, 11...more

Free and Easy!!

Do you have a Twitter account?  If not, get one now!!  Tweets do not need to be sent to your phone, you can view them as a web page just like Facebook!  And now for the free and easy part:Follow @inkmesh on Twitter.  All they tweet are free e-books!!  When you click on the link in their tweet, it takes you to their webpage.  There you will find the different formats the book is available in, which formats are free, and hyperlinks to take you directly to the seller....more

Can We Afford to Be This Cheap?

Recently, I went shopping for gift sweaters for my son and my father.  After visiting Lord and Taylor, and not finding the correct combinations of colors and sizes, I headed over to Filenes Basement. There, neon colored sale signs led me to discounted merchandise. They served like a steady path of  cookies crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel. ...more

Fun Summer Red, White and Blue Printable Pinwheels That Work

Head over to the Crafty Modern blog to print out and make these super cute -- and working-- pinwheels! Happy 4th of July.Felicity ...more

Free Kindle Books

If you have a Kindle or if you have the Kindle app downloaded onto your PC, iPad, phone, etc., here is a great link to download free books!  And as we is always the best!!

Quirky 4th of July Hand Drawn Printables - Enjoy

Hi everyone. Just posted some 4th of July printables over on the Crafty Modern blog. Use them for cupcake toppers or hanging decorations or just whatever you like. Enjoy! ...more

Debt Free Spending

Debt Free Spending is dedicated to promoting a frugal lifestyle to pay down debt. We try to help visitors save money through coupons, deals, frugal living tips, etc.  We also offer a weekly giveaway on our site, and we provide debt-free lifestyle content in addition to lifestyle content....more

Coupon Insanity!

My mind has absolutely been blown away! I am sitting here watching “Extreme Couponing” on TLC with my mouth wide open.  These women (and a few men) dedicate their lives… I’m not exaggerating… to collecting coupons and spending close to nothing at the grocery store.  I watched one lady spend 1 cent for $600 worth of food! Are. You. Kidding. Me! So, as I’m watching, I’m online searching the web for those special couponing sites that help you build a strategy when going to the grocery store. My head is already spinning....more

I'm proof too that with very minimal amounts of time you get oriented, organized, and on budget ...more

New Life for an Old Chair

[Editor's note: How many times have you driven by abandoned furniture and felt like pulling over and nabbing a piece or two for the sake of repurposing? Heather did just that and gave new shine to a formerly frumpy chair. Nice work! - Kathy]...more

Love the style of the chair and it looks fabulous with it's new coat of paint. Beautiful fabric ...more

How to Get Free eBooks

I am the ecstatic owner of both a Nook and a Kindle. I'm also a voracious reader who will read the back of a cereal box if it's the only thing available. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't always keep up with my appetite for books. But there are literally millions of free books out there to take advantage of. ...more

There is also Internet Archive.
They have almost 3 million ...more