Why Getting Paid with Stuff (Instead of Money) is Like Having a One-Night Stand

Bloggers: Don't trick yourselves into thinking companies value you if they're paying you in merchI have a friend who makes stuff happen. She's been interviewed on TV at least a gajillion times in the three years that I've known her. One of her pieces for Huffington Post has been on shared on Facebook 58,933 times. (When I said "gajillion" I was exxagerating....more

Embracing the Gig Economy

I don’t mean to date myself or anything, but back in the day “gig” was a term used by my musician friends who were playing a Saturday night show downtown at a little bar I know called Drink Beam ‘Til You Puke. (Ahem… *coughs*)Not anymore, my friends. Not anymore.There’s a whole lot of hoopla surrounding the word “gig” nowadays, and especially around the concept of the Gig Economy....more

Backwards Budgeting: For National Blog Posting Month!

In honor of NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Post Month) I took on Blogher's challenge to write about something I feel I am an "expert" in.  To say I am an expert at budgeting is VERY far from the truth, but when it comes to somehow keeping our heads above water while freelancing, I have some experience.  So below I have included our tactics for "backwards budgeting!"  Woohoo! Unless your a freelance psychic, this is for you...more

Being a lady doesn't come easily to me

There. I admit it. I decided this now, looking back on the hours it took for to prepare for this meeting, looking at my filthy computer screen, smear marks obscuring my view. Somewhere, sometime, I switched from tomboy to woman, but the finer details got lost in translation. I value ladydom. But it's not easy. ...more

How NOT to Make Money Writing

You want to make money writing. Specifically, you want to make money writing content. That's EASY to do. Everyone wants content, so content buyers are everywhere. A couple of days ago I received an email message from a content writer. The message provides a great example of what NOT to do to make money writing content. ...more

Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing

In addition to being the News & Politics Editor at Literally, Darling, Bridey is a freelance writer. She’s a contributor at HelloGiggles, Trazee Travel, and WildSpice. She has work forthcoming in BUST, BITCH, as well as at PANK and LARB. She has also appeared atHuffington Post, xoJane, NO TOFU, and A Practical Wedding....more
thanks for the insight! i'm new to the freelancing world and found all of your points very ...more

Are Freelancing Websites Worth the Time and Effort?

 Freelancing is a very brave choice for a work at home mom, but also can be a great and rewarding thing as well.  Working on your own terms, being home for your children and having that flexibility is something that we all dream of, right?...more

7 Ways to Make Holiday Cash

 Gifts, trips, parties … this time of year, it’s time to start thinking about paying for the holidays. Here are some creative holiday jobs to make some money and have fun!Party PlannerDo you love to plan parties? If so, consider planning a party for someone. Start out small: less than 50 people and see how it goes. Being a party planner would consist of sending out invites, keeping track of RSVPs, hiring the caterer, helping your client plan the menu, etc. It may also include being at the event to make sure things are running smoothly....more

Three Ways to Wow Your Clients This Week

 Like it or not, when you are a freelancer, you are in sales. Only unlike the traditional salesperson that is typically selling a product or service for an organization, the thing you are selling is yourself…and by that I mean your expertise, your professionalism and your customer service....more
Laurend1985  No kidding. I wrote the article and I am guilty of letting these things slip! ...more

TGIF(inally!): Working for the Weekend

Since I (mostly) work from home, you wouldn’t think the weekend means much to me.I (more like, Eric) make myself take weekends from writing (ish) in an effort to keep the last ounce of my sanity intact. And, since Eric works outside of the home, we look forward to all the time together....more