Brave new unionism

If you know anything about me, you know how much I dislike unions. I even co-wrote a book about their many evils....more

New Facebook Profile Sweet for Freelancers-Video Tutorial

Are you a Freelancer? Even if you just have a hobby or book you want to celebrate via Facebook you're in luck with Facebook's new profile view. It gives you a place to tell people about your business and link to it right at the top of your profile!...more

Do You Get Paid to Blog? Here's How to Save for Your Retirement

Working for yourself brings a lot of excitement and opportunities. When work is fun, retirement might be the furthest thing from the minds of self-employed workers. But freelancers and small-business entrepreneurs shouldn't neglect saving for retirement, indeed, they must overcome certain financial obstacles to make sure they will be adequately protected for their golden years. ...more

For freelancers making money on the side apart from their full time jobs, this is a great idea. ...more

Why You Need a Freelance Resume

Awhile back, posed the question, “do you use a resume as a freelancer?” I answered yes, and I wanted to expand on my comment here, since I was shocked to be in the minority. Yes, your portfolio says more about you than a resume ever could, and yes, many clients never ask for a resume, because they'd rather see your portfolio. Here’s why, in my opinion, you should have one anyway....more
Being a Freelance SEM Expert, In my point of view, cover letters get more value than resumes in ...more

How Health Care Reform Will Affect Freelancers and Small Business Owners

This week was a historic one with the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill. Like any legislative thing it is hard to read, complicated, and difficult to answer the question "What will it mean for me?" If you're a small business owner or freelancer, you already know that finding adequate and affordable health insurance is like navigating wild waters. ...more

One should never say "I certainly can't tell you, because I haven't followed it that closely. ...more