Chateau de Gudanes Update

Have you been following Chateau de Gudanes?“A château in the south of France, under restoration.Chateau de Gudanes, an abandoned, neglected and ruined chateau tucked neatly into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. A site where the first stories of religious tragedies began in the 13th century....more

French Apple and Custard Cake

A buttery rich apple cake, layered with creamy vanilla custard. French Apple cake is different to your the American style apple cake. For one there is no cinnamon or any other spices and it's made with real butter. It's absolutely fabulous! ...more

Learn French: Fashion Vocabulary for beginners

Today let’s talk “fashion” (mode) and “style” (style). As you can guess from the title, “les accessoires” mean “accessories.” Here are a few you’ll come across:1.L’écharpe (scarf)Je porte une écharpe rouge. - I am wearing a red scarf.2.Le chapeau (hat)...more

Learn yoga in French!

Are you a yogi? If so, meditate on these new vocabulary tips during your next class!In French, we say “studio de yoga” (yoga studio) and we call the yoga teacher “prof de yoga.”Marcus est un bon prof de yoga. – Marcus is a good yoga teacher.Le studio de yoga est à Soho. – The yoga studio is in Soho....more

Vitamin C Packed Onion Soup With Toast

It’s just another lazy Saturday afternoon and a simple yet nutritious dish to go along with it.Read more from 'Vitamin C Packed Onion Soup With Toast'....more

Astrology of the Courtesan- January 2015 ( French)

Astrologie pour la jeune fille sur la route qui aime un toucher de l’amour, d’épices et magie dans ses horoscopes. Aries- (Mars 21- 19 Avril)Oh mon cher Bélier, vous avez jeté vos souhaits et désirs et de l’univers entendu dire que vous copine. Le changement est à la hausse pour vous, alors cliquez sur vos talons et êtes prêt à bouger votre magie. Maintenant attention, il ya quelqu’un qui va essayer de retenir votre bonheur. Tenez fille forte. Continuez à grimper cette montagne parce que rien ne peut garder une bonne femme vers le bas....more

Wine News RoundUp: Prices Going Up, Sustainibility & More

I curated some great information and fun reads about wine from this week.  Check it out. Cheers! Oh cheap wine, no you didn't!Let's be honest.. we have all bought a wine because it was cheap. Sometimes the wine that is on sell is not what you think. Peep this great wine article on Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette to get the low down on wine prices and tips to selecting wine that is cheap....more

The Original French Cheese Soufflé

Oh là là: French Tea Party Ideas

I needed a mad dash home - 13 minutes. 13 minutes, com'on!...more