By the end of this Year.!

NaBloPoMo nov.20 PromptIf I would desperately hope for something to happen by the end of this year, that is ; my university academic year to start. I don’t miss either books or lecture halls. I miss people, lots and lots of  people. I like to look at them, observe them and listen to them. People are the main proportion of a society. Each one of them has a story. They represent their story by the choices they make....more

why adulthood sucks, but friendship rocks

Five Reasons One Of Your Best Friends Getting Married Is Actually The Best Thing In The WorldThe entire ...more

A grateful heart: Paella and friends

Yesterday’s tragic events in Paris and Beirut have weighed heavily on my heart. So today, heading off to a favorite annual event–the Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-off–I felt too lighthearted and frivolous.Paella artistry at the annual Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-off....more

Vertigo: When the world around you begins to spin...

I woke up this morning with vertigo. When I sat up, the world starting spinning around me, and I had the sensation of being pulled downward to the right. This time -- because I suffered vertigo for four days only a month ago -- I had an arsenal of exercises -- OK, one set of exercises -- my doctor had prescribed for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)....more
mamsler It agree. Last month, the fourth day of episodes, I actually got vertigo when I went got ...more

Cultivate Friendships Not Just Babysitters


Let Social Media Inspire

 Although we've heard similar quotes before, Jinnah's ending words really hit me. .....but let us part as friends. Yes, at times we do agree to disagree, be it an argument in the workplace or at home, but there's always that lingering feeling of bitterness and even pure hatred....more

A grateful heart: Coffee-n-walks

We set out in a new direction every week. Winding around campus. Meandering through quaint downtown streets. Attempting, for a minute anyway, to ford Big Chico Creek. We’ve discovered new shops and businesses, and feel ecstatic every time we find our way back to campus successfully. All the while, we discuss our new jobs and life, and the things in between....more

Do You Remember Your Childhood Friends?

I had the BEST friend when I was a little girl. I mean it, we were absolutely perfect for each other. How can you go wrong when your best friend shares the same first name AND middle name as you? We were twins, we were in seperable....more

Learning to Live Away From Your Friends After Graduation

College is a bubble—it protects you from the real world in many different ways. Opportunities to get involved, to explore new subjects, to learn useful skills, or to meet really unique and interesting people, are practically thrown at you. In the bubble it’s easy to make friends—and stay friends—with the people around you. However, once college ends, you and your friends will burst out of that bubble and find yourselves doing very different things in very different places, oftentimes with a lot of distance in between....more

When friendships change

I do not know where my childhood best friend is. Her name is Nicole, and she and I were best friends from first through fifth grade. We were Girl Scouts together, we would play games in her basement, and we had countless sleepovers at each other's houses. When I moved to South Carolina, we wrote each other letters, but eventually that tapered off and we lost touch....more
I have a fried from elementary school that I keep up with. The past decade, we haven't been able ...more