Will my real friends please stand up?

When we are children, life is simple: We divide our lives into things we like and things we don't like. Candy is wonderful; vegetables are not. Summer fun is the best thing ever; school is a chore that is dealt with. People we know are either friends or not friends. It turns out that last one is still true in adulthood....more

Running Back for One Another

I clenched my teeth and held my breath as the covey of quail darted under my car. They had shot out of the bushes and into the street so swiftly, I didn’t have time to swerve to miss them. I took one hand off the steering wheel and dropped it to my chest when I heard a thud. In the rearview mirror, the reflection flailed and flapped on the pavement behind me. He appeared to be tethered to the road by one lone, shattered leg....more

How Can I Have Fun If I Don't Know Anyone at #BlogHer16?

Some people are totally cool walking into a situation where they know no one, and then there are the rest of us. If you are wondering what you've gotten yourself into by signing up for #BlogHer16 on your own, keep reading. These are my best tips for finding your tribe at the conference. (Or, at the very least, a blogger or two to hang out with at the Expo.) Ask Before You Leave ...more
I live in LA and I'm blogging in a new area where I don't see a lot of people blogging in.  I've ...more

6 Tips for Sharing a Room at #BlogHer16

Several years ago, I found myself attending a conference where I knew absolutely no one. While my objective was to grow outside of my comfortable circle of blogging friends, I had failed to realize that this would leave me with quite a dilemma when it came to my hotel arrangements. Did I pay for a solo room or attempt to find a roommate out of the dozens of strangers who also found themselves in this predicament? ...more
Thanks for the tips. Indeed it's important to be well prepared before you share a roof with a ...more

Hesitant to Share Good News

There are too many new sad stories every day. Shootings and terrorism and cancer and what the fuck is happening to our world? “Are we on the brink of a revolution?” my husband said the other day and I didn’t answer him because I didn’t want to go there in my head. ...more

7 things My Best Friend's Better half should Know..

First of all I’m proud to say that I have BFFs.. yeah in plural. It’s intriguing to see them wandering in their relationships hand in hand. I share their happiness wishing more and more happiness to them.This powerful four letter word can bring drifting girls down to earth and can make guys to see the world in another perspective. Love is what drove Jane to Mr.Rochester from far away & Heathcliff to Catherine from a a world far beyond.These few things listed below, I think every guy should know. They  were gathered from my surroundings and as always feel free to object.....more

Meeting friends in adulthood is exactly like dating

MEETING FRIENDS: WAS IT ALWAYS LIKE DATING?A few weeks ago, I was cyberstalking a local yoga studio’s Instagram page. I plan on going to yoga teacher training there in March (assuming I’m accepted), and I spotted a post about the current teacher training program going on....more

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Why I Gave Up On Making 'Mom' Friends

I wanted that mom-magic. I knew it was out there somewhere.I was the first among my peers to have a baby.I had never felt as alone as I did in the midst of new parenthood. I wanted so badly to have someone to talk to, someone to understand me and my new life....more

Friend or Frenemy?

How can you tell if you have a friend or a frenemy? I always wondered how girls were blind to the fact that their supposed friend was actually a frenemy. I mean it's obvious right? They put you down in front of people, tease you, blab about the secrets you've told them - They try and make your life miserable....more