The Blessing of a Sick Husband and a Good Friend

It's been one of those days.  The kind that start by being woken up at 3 a.m. and end in exhaustion on the sofa far too many hours later.  The type where you find out just who your real friends are....more

Guy Friends: Now and Then

“You may be the first attractive woman I haven’t wanted to sleep with.”  image via ...more

The Secret to Making Friends

This evening, as we were travelling down the highway, my sister and I were talking about friendship.She was feeling defeated already, starting a new program at a new school, this being the beginning of her second semester there and she hasn't been one of the people to bond quickly. Groups are forming in her class, and she is being left out.She feels that this is high school all over again, that her role is predetermined, that she can never be anyone but the one who is "neither liked nor hated", just there in the middle....more

All Changes Aren't Good

The first time I saw Debbie, I thought she was a little girl. She was short – less than five feet tall – with carrot-colored hair, the bluest eyes I’d ever seen and a wonderful smile. She seemed nervous. I suppose that’s normal when a guy takes a girl home to meet his Mom for the first time....more

Long Weekends

 The best part about long weekends is when they are unexpected.The office has been closed for two days and it is President’s weekend. It is really crazy, because,for me, it is like gold falling from the sky.We are hanging out with our buddies, catching up after almost a year of not catching up in person-much too long! It has the promise of being an awesome weekend!If you have the gift of a three-day weekend, enjoy it.Just a regular two-day? Enjoy that too! Relax…life is too short....more

Sister Act

How many of you have sisters?  Although sisters are family, they are also our friends.  Sisters know us on a whole other level, because they’ve been there since the beginning.  If you’re the oldest, you welcomed your baby sister with open arms.  You held her like she was your own personal doll.  If you’re the youngest, you looked up to your older sister for advice and wanted to be like her.  And if you’re a middle child, well, you had the best of both worlds.  Of course there’s the flip side, we fought and argued while growing up and said things like...more

Virtual Paradise

I’m in my head again. Trying to avoid remembering again. It’s one thing to go back and remember your childhood, family life from 30 odd years ago; it’s something else entirely to look back at yourself after only a few years. To look back at pain so fresh the wounds are still weeping. I’d rather remember the good stuff, in both worlds....more

Liebster Award

I was recently nominated by two sweet bloggers {Tabitha at a hundred tiny wishes and Alison at LA VIE AMBROSE} to participate in the Liebster Award! ...more
Hi MarryMint,  Congratulations on winning the Liebster Award! I am so happy I recently found ...more

Crosspost: Pre-Funeral Luncheon

Monday, January 6, 2014...more

Undisclosed 1 1/2

Undisclosed Deux is almost completed.It really is surreal.Here I sit in the back cottage and I can catch the internet if the wind blows right. It's hard to believe that the cottage days might be over this time next week. I would like to say that the kindness of neighbors have gotten us through it. Folks have helped us, fed us and been there for us, and it only solidifies that we have made the right move.We have also made new friends through this time, and it is amazing that we have connected with folks that are in our age bracket who have accepted us for what we are....more