Sister Act

How many of you have sisters?  Although sisters are family, they are also our friends.  Sisters know us on a whole other level, because they’ve been there since the beginning.  If you’re the oldest, you welcomed your baby sister with open arms.  You held her like she was your own personal doll.  If you’re the youngest, you looked up to your older sister for advice and wanted to be like her.  And if you’re a middle child, well, you had the best of both worlds.  Of course there’s the flip side, we fought and argued while growing up and said things like...more

Virtual Paradise

I’m in my head again. Trying to avoid remembering again. It’s one thing to go back and remember your childhood, family life from 30 odd years ago; it’s something else entirely to look back at yourself after only a few years. To look back at pain so fresh the wounds are still weeping. I’d rather remember the good stuff, in both worlds....more

Liebster Award

I was recently nominated by two sweet bloggers {Tabitha at a hundred tiny wishes and Alison at LA VIE AMBROSE} to participate in the Liebster Award! ...more
Hi MarryMint,  Congratulations on winning the Liebster Award! I am so happy I recently found ...more

Crosspost: Pre-Funeral Luncheon

Monday, January 6, 2014...more

Undisclosed 1 1/2

Undisclosed Deux is almost completed.It really is surreal.Here I sit in the back cottage and I can catch the internet if the wind blows right. It's hard to believe that the cottage days might be over this time next week. I would like to say that the kindness of neighbors have gotten us through it. Folks have helped us, fed us and been there for us, and it only solidifies that we have made the right move.We have also made new friends through this time, and it is amazing that we have connected with folks that are in our age bracket who have accepted us for what we are....more

Snapshot Sunday (on Thursday)

Gah, I thought that I'd feel like writing all of these blog posts this week and have the energy to get "caught up" on the blog. I haven't felt like writing any blog posts and have barely done much of anything other than make it through all of the shows on my DVR. I finally made it through my first magazine today (barely reading any articles) and have yet to read a page of any of the books that I downloaded on Kindle. To read more and see my pictures, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

What You Need to Know Before Going into Business with a Girlfriend

Two close gal pals leaving the corporate world behind in favor of creating their own start-up together, selling a product they’re passionate about and being their own bosses. If it sounds like a dream come true, it’s actually a reality I see fairly often. Whether it’s a means of generating extra revenue on the side, finding fulfillment in addition to being a mom, or just filling a need or service that you noticed was previously not being met, starting your own business always has a laundry list of advantages....more

My New Year's "Revolution"

Have you seen the commercial? The cute one with the little boy that has the "revolution" to eat more jelly beans? I love it! I too have a "revolution", it really is a revolt of sorts so I plan to stick with that word, I think it rings true for this new year.  Are you ready - I'm not....more

Not bigger or smaller, just different

Today's prompt asks if I am doing the holidays smaller or larger this year. This year, I'm doing the holidays smaller but larger at the same time. Let me explain.Since the Big D, I've gone back to Trinidad to celebrate Christmas with my brothers on the years I have Kidlet (we alternate Christmas and New Year's annually) and the years that I don't, I just bum around town being depressed. This year, I have Kidlet, but we stayed in town and so, in that respect, it's smaller - no 13 hours of flying or visiting many, many people....more

I've got Zumba on a holiday...

The Temptations got nothin' on my Aqua Zumba classmates and me. It was a cloudy day even at 6 a.m., and the health club had long advertised no classes on Christmas Eve, but wishful thinking and the fact that our favored Aqua Zumba instructor had told us she'd be there was enough for seven regulars and one newbie to show up at the pool this morning. After all, the Christmas holidays promised loads of food temptations and limited hours at the gym, and we each had decided to "pay it forward" by burning some calories in advance....more