Make New Friends But Keep The Old?

I cannot be the only one...who has suspected that their long time friendships may have turned into something other than actual friendships over the many, many years that we have known each other....more

The phone call that changed my entire life

 The ringing phone pierced pre-dawn silence....more

Best Friend Forever, literally

NaBloPoMo Prompt: Tell us about your first friend....more

Snob Card

I wasn't the prettiest girl in school. I wasn't the richest. I wasn't the desire of every boy with zits and hormones that shuffled down the hallways. I was just Susannah. I was the funny girl that got in trouble quite often for talking in class or cracking a joke at a teacher's expense. I had a lot of friends in school. I associated with different cliques- and I had a really great high school experience....more

First Friend and the Baby Doll

Q. Tell us about your first friend.A.  I grew up a shy girl in a poor part of town.  My parents didn't speak English, so we were all anti-social.  Making friends was not part of my family's priorities....more

#NaBloPoMo Day 15: On Friends and Marriage

I will set the scene for you:...more

The Bachelor and Dolly

Julie from Just JulesAs you know, my life is an adventure with lot's of weird stories that make sense to me. I hear it all the time, "Julie, your life is so weird." I haven't lived a cooKie cutter life.  My experiences have made me unique and I'm content with that.  So I just share my random life stories with my readers instead. ...more

It's not everyday someone throws a fish at you: The Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-Off

Berryessa Gap Winery Paella Cook-off. It's become a November tradition: Paella....more

A little piece of reality

My daughter...sleepy one minute, hungry the next, sensitive at one point but becomes hormonal during the next. Keeping up with what is going on inside of her is always a race for me. Her sleeping schedule is all wrong, her eating schedule is all wrong but I vow to be there for her whenever she needs me. I am the one that runs to the store for one of her famous craving. And I want it that way, wrong or right........more

Curse of a Difficult First Name

If I could change my first name to anything I want, I would choose something common and easy to pronounce, but memorable enough to match my personality.  I have an ethnic first name that has two syllables.  Any person with a first grade education should be about to pronounce it correctly, or repeat it back to me when they ask how to say my name.  I gave up on correcting people about 40 years ago.  I have to pick my battles.  If I only see or talk to someone once in a lifetime, they can call me anything....more