Separation Anxiety: When Everyone Else Is Divorcing

The girls have been struggling with a kind of separation anxiety lately. There have been more than five announcements of separations/divorce from couples they know over the last year. When it first began, it was easy enough to gently explain that sometimes, like with being sisters, you need to get a little space or take a break. They would nod softly, ask if Sean and I were okay, and then move on to the next thing. I was hanging out with Finley one day and she said, “Mom, do I have a stepmom?” ...more
My husband and I had a really bad fight a few weeks ago, and then we were driving somewhere and ...more



Sister Wives at the Lake

My older son, Zack, was away at Boy Scout Camp this past week.  He returned today - filthier even than the previous year.  Logan was happy to have him home, but thankful for some time spent with friends while his brother was away....more


Hello!My name is Katia, I'm from Costa Rica and I started my blog around 7 months ago. I hope to meet some new friends and help some people with my fitness blog.Gracias:)Hola!My nombre es Katia y soy de Costa Rica, empeze un blog hace como siete meses y espero encontrar nuevos amigos y ayudar a las personas con mi fitness blog. Thanks:)...more

Why Is It So Hard for Moms to Go Out with Friends?

When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends? No kids. No husbands. A "Mom's Night Out" kind of thing full of fun and letting down hair and talking and laughter and... worrying about the kids at home? Ah, yes. Sometimes it's hard to go out and have a good time as a mom....more
I'm very fortunate that my husband is so supportive of me getting out from time to time.  I am ...more

Summer is Flying!

I am halfway through my summer semester.  So far, so good!  I am exhausted, but I'm still upright!!  I've also been doing better this semester at keeping up with my blog.My friends, on the other hand, have not been so fortunate.  I am not the best friend right now.  If I actually answer an email, it is usually only a sentence or two.  Phone calls and texts?  Forget about it!  But I am an extremely lucky woman...I have some of the most understanding friends ever!...more

Two Friends in the Rain or Does Race Matter

It is terrific to live in a world where two friends can talk about race and laugh. Last week I attended an event for bloggers in center city Philadelphia. I really did not want to go alone so I was happy when my friend said we should meet at the train station and ride into the city together. We met at the train station, chit chatted on the ride down and while walking down the street. It was the start of a nice evening out. I was dressed in my favorite black suit and carried a large black umbrella because the forecast called for rain....more

The Last Time I Connected With a Friend

I was 13 and had just moved to Southern California from Oregon.  In Salem, I was used to lots of grey, subdued days and the culture of a controlled, Southern Baptist, private school with a dress code.  In Irvine, the sun shone about 80% of the time and everything seemed bolder and more obnoxious -- especially the kids.  I was in a public school now.  There were lots of ballistic swear words, flip flops and shorts.  I'm not making a judgment about public school, just a retelling of my experience....more

A Different Approach to Caprese

On Saturday, I was invited to a birthday of a friend of mine. We haven't seen each other in months now, so I was really exciting to meet her again. She decided to have a little BBQ at her house, which will be sold soon, for the last time in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Just friends having a good time on a nice evening. That's the evenings I love: Good food, good friends, good times!...more

Post PCS: How to Make Friends in Your New Community

I used to be a social introvert. My parents would likely tell you differently since they nicknamed me “Mouth” when I was a kid (yes, I was nicknamed after a Goonie for talking too much…) However, at social gatherings you used to find me in the back corner, slowly sipping a sapphire martini, palms nervously sweating as everyone else chattered around me effortlessly....more