"Umm Can my Mom Talk to your Mom?"

 “Ummm can my mom talk to your mom???” said by me circa 1991. It makes me laugh how easy it used to be to make a friend “Oh, you like hot pink too? Wanna be friends?"...more

Thank You for Breaking My Heart

In my 26 years, my heart has never been broken by a guy. The boyfriends I have had, the men of my past, didn’t leave many scars when we moved on and went our separate ways. ...more
Yes, u are better for it:) Smile and go on. We all lose friends and get hurt. But life is like ...more

Make New Friends

Did your stomach just tighten?  Mine did.  I really love people.  I really do.  I laugh more with them than I do without them.  Everyone has a story.  People are fascinating, fun.  In doses.During the graduating class luncheon, the chair of my MFA program warned us that we would have to work very hard to stay engaged with writing and that many of us may never write again.  At the time, this seemed unfathomable.  We had just spent two years in devotion to our craft and years before that preparing for this course of study....more

Not-so-epic fail

Remember how I kept going back and forth about whether to start my new life or not? Well, I didn't. There were events coming up, dinners and parties that I needed to be able to eat for. Last night I went out to a friend's house with a bunch of other ladies that are part of my book club. I was so looking forward to it. I got a babysitter for my 2 kids because my husband is out of town, and getting a sitter is something I almost never do. But I didn't want to miss this and I felt like it would be so fun. ...more

seven bad habits that will not make you friends

Originally posted on KalySullivan.com I haven't met a mom yet that isn't on the lookout for friends. Parenting can be a lonely, solitary endeavor and sometimes you just need to connect with other parents. But sometimes, we are so bad at making a connection. We want, we crave, the connection and it just doesn't come. I blame these seven habits. ...more

Building Vocabulary: 2015 Hump Day Book Club Reading List

Happy Friday!...more
Hi Lauren, Love your post and the book covers, I need to do this! I recently posted our book ...more

Things You Don’t Get To Do When You’re In A Drunken Stupor

That’s right, being a drunk is fun, you get to meet all these great people at the bar. You hang out with them, you love them, they become part of your life. If you don’t see them, you miss them, more than the booze. I’m not an alcoholic for the beer, the bar is where my friends are. The people I love. The people that get me through good and bad times. The people that give me silly ideas, thoughtful comments and insight....more

Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and the Rest of Our Friends: Where Are They Now?

Friends first aired just over 20 years ago. To celebrate the recent release of the series for streaming on Netflix, let's take some time to speculate where each character might be now. Rachel, the youngest of the group, would be 43. Ross and Phoebe, the oldest, would be 46. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures So … what has everyone been up to? ...more
I hadn't realized how much I disliked Ross all these years until I read this. Excellent write up ...more

Who Is Your Best Friend Mom?

  I am not a blogger. I'm horrible at typing, my thoughts sound so much better in my head than typed out. I need to work on that much like alot I mean alooooot of things. I don't know if this will even be read once by anyone out in the blog universe but something is seriously tugging at my heart strings and I need to let these thoughts out of my head and I guess this is where I will do it. ...more