My Blog is Back and Comments Aren't Working

Well - my blog is back up and running and I'm LOVING my new design. But my comments aren't working and that sucks. Trying to fix that so please still have a looksy around! Here's today's post:...more

Do we really know our friends?

After spending several months now with only my parents and dogs as company, I’ve done a lot of thinking about friendships. I left behind many close friends and many more acquaintances in DC, and have yet to make new friends here in California, although I’m highly anticipating meeting people as soon as I make my next move....more

Good Friends, Great View, Mount Bachelor.

Riding a chair lift up a ski mountain in the summer is pretty cool. There are views galore and a side of nature that isn’t revealed during the snowy season. Riding said chair lift with a group of close friends, a drink in hand and the sun setting behind the backdrop of the Cascade Mountain range is even better....more


It’s Saturday and guys are working on putting the plywood on our roof. Yay! We have to go get some breakfast, though;I have to get some medicine in me.The post-nasal drip is turning into a hell of a smokers cough: it sounds like I’d walk a mile for a camel…lol. Not necessarily the sound I want to come from these lungs of mine. We are off later to see my friend B, who currently is at a few Undisclosed places above ours.I am looking forward to that because I haven’t seen her in a few years, and although Facebook is nice, in person is better. ...more

The boy and his bestie

My boy is a bit of a social butterfly and loves spending time with his friends. One of his friends 'Damien' is a bit like the boy they are both lively, fun, boisterous boys so they have lots of fun together but they also know how to wind each other up and fight. We have had pillow fights, pumpkin carving, cake making, impromptu water fights and plenty of tantrums and shouting matches between the boys not to mention the result of silence:...more

Eleven Years Later

Tomorrow is our eleventh wedding anniversary. ELEVEN! Hard to believe, although so much has happened in our lives, it has allhappened, so it seems, in the blink of an eye. ...more

Separation Anxiety: When Everyone Else Is Divorcing

The girls have been struggling with a kind of separation anxiety lately. There have been more than five announcements of separations/divorce from couples they know over the last year. When it first began, it was easy enough to gently explain that sometimes, like with being sisters, you need to get a little space or take a break. They would nod softly, ask if Sean and I were okay, and then move on to the next thing. I was hanging out with Finley one day and she said, “Mom, do I have a stepmom?” ...more
My husband and I had a really bad fight a few weeks ago, and then we were driving somewhere and ...more



Sister Wives at the Lake

My older son, Zack, was away at Boy Scout Camp this past week.  He returned today - filthier even than the previous year.  Logan was happy to have him home, but thankful for some time spent with friends while his brother was away....more