9 Ways to Comfort Others!

When was the last time you sought an opportunity to comfort someone in need? Most of the time we are so busy with our lives that we just don't notice others. We may notice if our friend's outfit is in fashion.  We may notice their state of their vehicle. We may take note of the cleanliness of their home. We may notice surface things like that...but do we REALLY notice them? The state of their well-being, the expression of sheer exhaustion, the tired eyes that say so much more than they ever will - these are things that we should look for!...more

To My Best Friend

I met Melissa when I was 18. We lived two doors down from each other our Freshman year at Brigham Young University. Melissa likes to say that when we walked to class together for the first time she had a notecard filled with things to talk about because she didn’t think we’d have anything in common. Honestly, I can hardly remember the day we first met because I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. I know about her childhood crushes and the dress she wore to prom and could probably give you a tour of her hometown even though I haven’t actually ever been there....more

Don't listen to the movies & what negative parents say !

Are you afraid that your life will change once you have children? I don't have kids but I can tell from my own experience that my parents did not let kids drag them down.Growing up, We went away a lot with my family,cousins, &  with other friends.We used to  also go to my grandmother's house every Sunday. Us kids would play in our usualy spot outside or in the hallway while the parents would sit, gossip & have coffee....more

DIY BBQ? Who Travels with a Grill?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Recently I've noticed a disturbing trend with my friends and acquaintances. They invite me to a party at their home, but ask me to bring my own drinks, chairs, cups, snacks and meat....more
I basically agree with you. However, I'm sure that you've noticed a trend where everyone has ...more

Lessons from a summer camp dropout

I just finished another one of those books about a group of teens who meet at sleepaway camp, share their innermost secrets and form lifelong bonds that can only be shared by friends who’ve lived with each other 24/7 during that coming-of-age time in their life.And I’m envious....more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 5/18/14

I really do enjoy participating in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad and sharing some of the things I'm thankful for.Every day, every week, I will continue to say thanks wherever my Higher Power might be lovingly watching and caring for me and my family.A few of the things I'm grateful for today are:...more

My Home and My Community

Andino's band had their cd release party for their second album It's Time to Rise last night. I knew it would be my last night going out before the baby and I wanted to look good. I feel most beautiful when I wear a dress and head scarf, which is what I planned to do last night. Unfortunately, at 9 months pregnant wearing a dress and a headscarf makes me look like a babushka and not a sexy gypsy....more

Seeing Vs. Believing

Who remembers Ricky Paull Goldin? I can't remember which soap opera he was on, but I *think* he was once engaged to Yasmin Bleeth. I remember weird things. Yesterday, me and the fam were watching the Science Channel and a new show called Seeing Vs Believing came on. The premise is Ricky Paull and his co-host, a skeptic, go around meeting people with exceptional abilities and attempt to explain it. Feel free to go watch an episode, it was pretty cool....more

We're Doing It Wrong: Bashing ourselves among friends

I was watching Inside Amy Schumer the other night, and in one of the segments, Amy ran into several girlfriends on the street. They each complimented each other, and the compliment recipient immediately fired back with a self-deprecating rebuttal.-------------------------------------“Amy! Hi! I love your hat!”“Ugh. Are you drunk? I look like an Armenian man ...”-------------------------------------“Ms. Jessica! Congrats on your big promotion biotch!”“I’m gonna get fired in like two seconds ...”------------------------------------...more