Being Unappreciated: Don't Smile Through it!

So, yesterday I had one of my only true friends absolutely ruin the only two days I'm going to get with her for months, and I realised that maybe I should take a step back and evaluate what our relationship truly is like.  ...more

Host a Wine Tasting Party: By Jen Oliak

Are you looking for an interesting theme for hosting a dinner party with friends? Try a wine tasting party! Dave and I attended one recently and it was so much fun.  If people don’t know each other well, a wine tasting party is a good topic-based gathering with a common subject to talk about throughout the evening....more

Fresh Start In A Familiar Place and Hopefully Familiar Faces

A long time ago I ran away from my life when I could not take one more second of my ex-husband's absurd gambling addiction. His personal turmoil left our whole family in a shredded heap on the floor. It was ugly. I needed safety, sanity and peace for myself and my children.  ...more

Meeting friends in adulthood is exactly like dating

MEETING FRIENDS: WAS IT ALWAYS LIKE DATING?A few weeks ago, I was cyberstalking a local yoga studio’s Instagram page. I plan on going to yoga teacher training there in March (assuming I’m accepted), and I spotted a post about the current teacher training program going on....more

Talking to my suicidal friend: Was I ready for it?

She sounded apologetic when she confessed. Thanks to a year of an abusive relationship, my friend tried to commit suicide and it was only after a week of the harrowing experience (i.e. when all hell broke loose and she tried to end her life) that she called me up to confide—now when her abusive boyfriend was a thing of the past (hopefully so). The fact that she called up proved that she was ready to take things in her stride and concentrate on what she did best—stand-up comedy and blogging. ...more

What Spells Success

I'm not entirely sure but I have a strong suspicion that I was way more tense than my son. It was the morning of the 2016 Third Grade Spelling Bee at his school and we have both been reviewing for the past week....more

Friendship, Respect & Privilege

After a long week of being trapped inside with chores that had to be completed, and with essays to be written - C & L are finally free!  They survived their long week, and did a wonderful job completing all their tasks without being asked - we truly are the lucky ones because they are such great kiddos- so we finished up this past Sunday by treating the girls to their favorite bagel shop in town. ...more

Why You Should Throw a Grown Up Slumber Party

It’s been a pleasure joining the Olive Shoe this year. Each month, I consider my contributing post, reflecting on my recent days or lessons I am learning. The topic of intentionality has found it’s way in each of my posts here, as I truly believe it is one of the most valuable ways we can enhance and grow our lives (or perhaps it is because I'm a slow learner so the same lessons keep finding their way to me)....more
This sounds like an awesome idea! Who's up for a BlogHer #16 slumber party?more