Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Question : Do you share a lifelong friendship with someone - a friendship that makes your life better, helps you through the dark times and shares the good times? Beaches showed a lifelong bond between two women and it told a nice tale, however, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan just wiped Beaches away with one flick of the fan. This may have been one of the greatest friendships stories I have ever witnessed on film. Lovely, just lovely....more

A woman's job

Women are a very special kind of being, they have given birth to many a statesman, can carry the whole community on their backs, are the mothers of all civilizations. Over the centuries we have been living with hidden secrets, secrets that cause a deep emotional pain, secrets that have taken away our joy, and we no longer see the beauty of life as it was before we were contaminated by the toxicities of life. Absent husbands and fathers are like a black cloud over our heads, we are often blamed for wanting or expecting too much of them....more

Twenty Years On, A Friend Sorely Missed

I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life, people who sustain me with laughter and encouragement and love.  But, I guess because I am human, it is one who is missing that often occupies my thoughts and my wishes for things to be different....more

Motherhood and the Women Who Inspire Me

I am fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive group of female friends in my life. They are a diverse bunch including lifelong pals that I grew up with in New Hampshire, neighbors here in Annapolis, college and grad school friends who now live far and wide,  colleagues from my professional life, and fellow members of my moms and dads group. This network has grown and expanded over the past 40 years and my relationships with everyone in it have evolved as well. Gone are the days of getting dressed up and going dancing until the wee hours of the morning....more

Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. - Robert Brault

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday. It was just 30 minutes at ChickFilA but I was so nervous. I am ashamed to say that I even almost cancelled. I kept thinking things like: Should I have worn less make up? She hasn't seen me in a while, I don't want to look trampy. What should I talk about? I need to think of things to ask so I don't run my mouth about myself the whole time. Should I get the chicken sandwich or a salad? I don't want to act obsessed about my weight even though I am. Stupid, stupid, stupid, right?...more

Sweet Inspiration

    I am awed by the amount of talent in Los Angeles! I recently attended a show at a funky little club on Laurel Canyon Featuring my friend Laura Hall with whom I have written Room to Grow. Now obviously it comes as no great surprise that she is talented. She was on Whose Line Is It Anyway for years and we written a great musical together.     She has joined forces with Kelly Macleod who is amongst other things a phenomenal singer....more

Ships That Pass In the Afternoon

Filigree teapot charmhangs from rearview mirrorBlue Toyotaturning onto Cedar going southObama bumperstickerSandy hairWhite toecaps separating from red sneakersCalls out “Jean-Paul” to empty fieldPurebred Malinois comes a-running“I just can’t purl – I keep adding stitches”she says into her pink Blackberryas she swipes her Visaat the pumpOnly connect!was once the cryNo easier thenthan now(sit in the blue armchairknit five rowscountswearrip out two...more

Step Out of your Comfort Zone - It's Worth It

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I got a text from my friend Yasmin, who has a little boy, two years old."What are you doing today?"Well, we weren't doing anything, yet. We had thought about maybe going to the springs or the pool, whatever we usually do on a sunny Sunday, usually only including our own family. We don't do much hanging out with others. We should.They were going to a park that normally we wouldn't have access to, so we decided, sure, we would tag along. What time were they leaving?12:30 p.m.Oh. Nap time....more

You can't ever have too many friends.

So, I totally have a new girlfriend!...more

I long to have sweet friendships like you speak of! How fortunate you are. Hold them close to ...more

Happy Holidays

Okay, I promise this will be my last holiday-related post. After this I’ll get my head together and start focusing on life in not-so-sunny Scotland again. But our ten days away were too full of good moments not to share at least some of them. This also serves as my 'Live In the Now' post for July, because it captures so many details that I don't want to forget.The Travel!...more