Facebook Saved My Life

Facebook saved my life. Well not literally (although it has saved some), but I have to create something catchy to draw you in!I guess a better title really would be “Facebook saved my sanity”  and here’s why. ...more
@A FIFO wife although our perspectives for facebook are a bit different, the concept of allowing ...more

This is a Post on Friendship

Last Saturday was my 45th birthday. In my opinion, birthdays are the absolute best day to be a Facebooker. By the end of the day, I had a really cool notice on my page: “71 friends posted on Stacy’s timeline for her birthday.” 71 friends — wow! The tentative middle school girl, who still lurks quietly inside me, felt really popular....more

The Cruelty of Ms. Bourbonpants

I drove my friend Ch ... oh, crap. I promised I wouldn't write her name tonight. I'll just call her Ms. Bourbonpants. I drove my friend Ms. Bourbonpants home from a top-hatted, steampunky show in an old converted taxi garage that we went to tonight....more

The Beauty of Community Lies in its Fragility

 wrote some about the beauty of community in Part One.  I believe everything I wrote.  It really is amazing, and I’m so thankful for the impact it regularly has on our family....more

Finding My Place

Originally posted on my blog, Domestic Pirate.I've never seen myself as shy.  Socially awkward?  A little.  But, somehow, I have always managed to make friends in new situations....more

In Praise of Friendship

How did I get so lucky? I have a best friend who also happens to be my husband... who loves me unconditionally, and encourages me to follow my dreams, and keeps me laughing at life. I have friends who choose to spend time with me... who are fun, and creative, and live joyfully with an expectation of good things. I have friends who trust me enough to share with me... who open their hearts, and expose their vulnerabilities, and invite me to learn more about them. ...more

The Last Little Bit

Soul Sisters: Our Circles of Friends Feed Our Spirits

Fresh off a weekend with 11 dear friends, I am exhausted and my voice is still raw, but my soul is rejuvenated replenished. Woven in among the glasses of wine and cocktails, the reading...more

The Silence that Comes with a Health Crisis

I spoke out from the very beginning about it, which resulted in many friends and family members stepping forward and offering their support. Sometimes, their words weren't helpful. At all. In fact, sometimes their words were downright inconsiderate. But do you know what I remember more than the ignorant remarks?  I remember the silence. ...more
@ItsAllRelative How awful. I'm so sorry for your family's loss!more

Our Connections Make Us Whole

In two days, I will head to Colorado for a girlfriend weekend with 10 friends. We’ve rented a house to celebrate the 40th birthdays of three of us.It is a tradition begun when the first of us turned 40. There will be laughing, eating, drinking, inappropriate and weird conversations, and more laughing.For three months, I have looked forward to this trip, but this week I’ve felt oddly apprehensive about this first visit back to my old home....more