Should I Tell My Friend She Should Get a Divorce?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My friend is married to real jerk. He's just not kind or loving. I have never really liked him but tried to be supportive. I thought she rushed into it too fast, but she felt the pressure of the biological clock. (They now have kids.) She told me she is thinking of leaving him but wants my opinion on what she should do. Do you I tell the truth? I think she should dump him....more
I agree. I am currently in the shoes of the 'possibly getting a divorce' friend. I don't want ...more

A Real Friend: Being Happy for Your People Even if They Have Something You Don't.

Ever since I hit my mid-20’s, congratulations have been in order for many of the important ladies in my life.  It started off slow with an engagement here and there, and then they started coming full throttle: the engagements, the bridal showers, the bachelorette parties, the weddings.After that?  You guessed it.  BABY TIME.  Pregnancy announcements, baby showers, the baby being born, christenings, and first (and second…and third…) birthday parties....more

Why It's Important to be Friends with Your partner...

 “You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most....more

To Speak or Not to Speak - How to Comfort a Grieving Mom

What do you say to a mother, your best friend, who’s 4 year old was just diagnosed with Leukemia? What do you do when you live several states away from her? How do I comfort this grieving mom?...more

New Motherhood Is Hard Enough: Say No to Visitors

Until I had my son, it had never occurred to me that the first days, weeks, and months of being new parents would be sheer hell. I mean it. I don't envy any of you who are currently trying make it through the first two months of parenthood. It's difficult. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. They're lying. It's beyond difficult. For us, it all started when we took our son to his first doctor's appointment. ...more
Thanks for sharing your motherhood experience, I come to know about many thing I never think on ...more

I Fell In Love with a WORDS WITH FRIENDS Opponent

         I should have my head examined ! I told him so. I asked him one last time, two weeks ago, if he  truly believed that I could really  be in love with him and he said "Yes!" plus a few more sweet words that I'm not at liberty to mention here. (So sorry, for my smartphone ears only.)  Well then, so be it. I bow to fate, I bow to que sera sera, and above all, I bow deeply to Words with friends app for its matchmaking ; after all it is  not an online dating site....more

Shit That Happens Behind the Scenes

Would You Tell Your Friends If You Had a Serious Illness?

A few minutes ago, I shared a few tips on how parents can prepare for school if their kids have type 1 diabetes. I admit, it was partly for selfish reasons: I just a lost a friend to type 1 diabetes.What made it really hard for me was the fact that she never told me she had diabetes. Her parents never told me. Her brother never told me, either. And yes, I feel betrayed that one of my best friends never thought I deserved to know the truth....more
My Type I Diabetic sister hates to talk about diabetes and hates to feel different.  Even to the ...more

100 Words: For #InternetFriendDay

A note to my "imaginary" friends... some things I want you to know: I appreciate you for your kindness, your caring... for the way you step up and give and share and love with such willing generosity. I appreciate you for your sense of humour, your openness to fun... for sharing laughs and silliness and seeing the comical side of things, even (particularly?) in the midst of tension. I appreciate you for your opinions, your perspective... for encouraging me to think outside the parameters of my reality. I appreciate you, so much more than you can know. You are loved. ...more

To My Best Friend

I met Melissa when I was 18. We lived two doors down from each other our Freshman year at Brigham Young University. Melissa likes to say that when we walked to class together for the first time she had a notecard filled with things to talk about because she didn’t think we’d have anything in common. Honestly, I can hardly remember the day we first met because I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. I know about her childhood crushes and the dress she wore to prom and could probably give you a tour of her hometown even though I haven’t actually ever been there....more