On friendship and walls and feeling left out

I don't really know how to start this post well. I do know most of this is my own fault. And I'm not looking for sympathy. But sometimes, sometimes, I just feel so incredibly left out. And so incredibly lonely. It's not that I don't have friends, because I do! And they are great and ready to jump in and help if I ask for it. I'm so lucky for that. I know this and I'm thankful for this. This is not about that though. This is about me feeling that I just don't have close friends. ...more

3 Reasons Why You Need A Sister-Friend At Work

Should you make friends at work? Tons of research and one blogging sister-friend says absolutely!  You can Google the research yourself but I will save you some time and tell you that people who report having a good friend at work are often happier and more successful in the workplace....more

You Matter -- Yes, YOU!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  We all matter.  Each and everyone of us.  We even matter to people we have not, nor ever will, physically meet.  We matter.  You matter.  No 'matter' what you may think, you influence people.  People watch you.  People learn from you.  People are inspired by you.  You matter....more

Be Better, Not Basic!

"What they doThey smile in your faceAll the time they want to take your placeThe back stabbers (back stabbers)" -The O'Jays, Backstabbers 1972 Eddie Levert and The O'Jays was ahead of their time in 1972 when they released Backstabbers. Backstabbers is an ole school term of calling one of your "so called" friends who turned against you. In 2014, we call them haters. Haters are not your motivators!...more

To forget

 Sometimes, we just want to forget but it is just so difficult. We keep telling ourselves and mumbling out that we should let go and we should move on, but internally our heart have not release. That will lead us to living a double life....more

What to Do If You Think Your Friend Is Racist

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I think a friend of mine is kind of racist. She always mentions if someone is black or Jewish or Hispanic. She doesn't say anything negative, but she whispers their ethnicity when it's not pertinent. Like: "There's a new waiter at the wine place. He's BLACK." She says it in this derogatory way.Should I say something or just let it go?Signed,Am I Friends with a Racist Person?...more
Several years ago, the local news tried to eliminate the racial descriptions of people who were ...more

A Soul-Sister Guide Through Divorce

Never Ask Someone Else to Write Your Online Dating Profile!

When you're a Ghost Writer, you often wish you hadn't agreed to let someone else take credit for YOUR brilliant, original words.   But are people ever sorry they asked YOU to ghost write for them?  I think my obnoxious divorcee neighbor wishes she could take back that fateful day when she asked me to compose her online dating profile.  Listen:Lydia: I just got my eyes and boobs done.Me:  Done? I didn’t realize you were born with incomplete sets?...more

Holy Awkward: An Introvert’s Guide to Making Mom Friends

I have a confession to make: Making new friends is really hard for me. As a natural born introvert, I'm better at things like writing and analyzing than I am at socializing and small talk. I've always felt awkward in social situations. (In fact, I feel awkward knowing that I've just put that out there for people to read.) ...more
Amy Bruckman this one is for youmore

Should I Tell My Friend She Should Get a Divorce?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My friend is married to real jerk. He's just not kind or loving. I have never really liked him but tried to be supportive. I thought she rushed into it too fast, but she felt the pressure of the biological clock. (They now have kids.) She told me she is thinking of leaving him but wants my opinion on what she should do. Do you I tell the truth? I think she should dump him....more
I agree. I am currently in the shoes of the 'possibly getting a divorce' friend. I don't want ...more