I'm Trojan

 Last weekend was Homecoming weekend.   On Saturday morning, my daughter’s BFF, her mom, my daughter and I went to get pedicures.  I love getting pedicures.  I dread getting pedicures.  I always feel so bad for the person who draws the short straw and gets to work on me.  Poor Jimmy drew the short straw. ...more

Choosing Sides

When I was in grade school, a rift developed in the group of friends that I belonged to. I can’t remember the reason for the split, but there was a clear division and so you were on one side or the other. I picked one, but I guess my heart wasn’t really in it, because I remember saying to one of the girls, that even though I was on the other side, I would still speak to her, albeit in secret....more

Always The Bridesmaid...and Godmother...and Party Planner, Never The Bride Or Anything Else Particularly Cool

Firstly, please forgive me for the cliche title and secondly, before you judge me as a jealous, wicked stepsister type, hear me out. I am so very happy for my friends. They have found wonderful men to share their lives with and I am honored to stand by them while they start their new journeys. I am also thrilled that some of them are popping out babies...on purpose. (Confession: I don't know if I'll ever get used to that. It still makes me shudder, cute as they are. )...more
My beef with my married and kidded friends is that they speak to me as if my single status has ...more

Hanging Up On Drama

I’m just getting into bed, the nightly ritual of removing my make-up (most of the time), plugging my phone in to charge and turning off the lamp, when my phone starts to ring. I have to admit that I am guilty of never ever turning off my phone. It’s just past midnight so let’s face it, the call is not going to be good news or idle chit chat – either drunken ramblings or drama. I’m right, it’s the same friend who always calls at midnight....more

Not Dark Yet

The other night, as I drove home after an evening of sharing, listening, talking, "Not Dark Yet" by Bob Dylan came on the radio.  Feeling a little melancholy, I immediately thought of you, my former best friend.  I can't believe we live so close to one another, despite being a couple thousand miles from our hometown, and yet I don't know you anymore.  You don't know me, either....more
Love this. :)more

Call Me—No Maybe About It

This morning I woke from a dream involving technical difficulties in Skyping with friends far away. The melancholy of the dream combined with PMS led to me crying into my coffee grounds.Remember that horrible homesickness the first night you spent away from home? That was me this morning. I wondered how I would survive two more months before I headed to Colorado to celebrate my 40th birthday with “my girls.” Then, as I swapped my third text with one of these friends, I remembered this wonderful invention called the telephone....more

A Wish For My Friend on a Tough Day

Imagine applying for your dream job when you are a kid and waiting your whole life to  finally get it.  That's what becoming a mom was like for her.  And now that her baby is starting school next week, it feels like she just got laid off- or at least a significant cut in hours.  She knows that she will find a new job, maybe even a great job, but not the one she really wants.  And when she called this morning to cry, I just listened and wished I could have kissed away her tears....more

How to Make Friends in Your Thirties

When I dropped Kai off in daycare the other day, one of his little classmates ran over to greet him and asked: "Do you want to be my friend today?" We hear this sentence a lot lately. Everything from toys to humans makes friends over and over. It's very simple and goes like this - a question is asked about whether the object of affection would consider friendship and then the object happily agrees. Alternatively, it is just announced that two planes/cars/animals ("aminals" per Kai) are now friends. ...more

Are We Friends or What?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I live in an community that has an HOA. Over the last 10 years my husband and I have become friends with the manager of the HOA and her husband. Well, at least I think we are friends with them. We do dinners and movies together and have taken a few trips together. ...more
As a former HOA Management professional, I think you have bigger issues than whether or not your ...more