SATC Talk: Bay of Married Pigs: Can Single Women and Married Friends Be Friends?

This is the third episode of the first season and is actually a question I wonder about. Now, I’m not talking about friends you already have who get married or become single. I’m talking about attracting new friends who are married if you are a single woman. And I mean meaningful friendships....more

Your Secret's Safe with Me. Is My Secret Safe with You?

We took solemn oaths. That’s how seriously we took a promise of sworn secrecy. The family bible, that large tome whose sole purpose was for pressing flowers, leaned ever so slightly on the fireplace hearth, its spine broken many times over. It would’ve been an ideal spot on which to place a hand and make a vow of verbal restraint. But we were young so we did what came naturally – we made a pinky swear. It was as binding as any contract, as any unspoken law. Our popsicle-stained fingers woven together in unity as we pledged to uphold each other's secrets....more

An Apology To Every Friend I’ve Bullied Into Cheating On Their Diet

Dear [insert probably every person I’m close to],I’m sorry for not understanding why you couldn’t have dinner or drinks while you were on your diet. I also sincerely apologize for nagging/blowing up your phone/showing up at your doorstep with wine until you gave in.Please understand that I love sitting down over dinner with a loved one and just talking and talking…and drinking and talking. This is my favorite thing to do ever. I consider it our bonding time, the equivalent of family dinner, and a personal affront when you say no....more

Biblical Friendship – Am I Living Up to It?

Biblical Friendship – Am I Living Up to It?Do I pick friends that lead me closer to Christ? Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Proverbs 13:20Do I have friends that are quick to anger and give into their anger?...more
This is such a great post! Sometimes I forget to God says a LOT of things about friendship! This ...more

You Just Need One

You don't need an army. You just need one.One person who, like you, lost her job.One person whose brother, like yours, lost his mind.One person whose house, like yours, burned to the ground.One person whose children, like yours, fail in school.One person who, like you, cannot hear in the dark....more

precious friends

Heart-shaped leaf How do you make a friendship grow?...more

Making Friendship Grow

Friendships, like holidays, greeting cards, and movie awards, have become so commercialized now. It is all about give and take more than sacrifice and 'friend in need' theory. Friends did not come easy for me. Being the fat girl through school I had only as many friends as I can count on the palm of one hand....more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Knowing When To Move On

   Series Introduction...more

Close Friends from a Distance is Bittersweet

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting some really good friends. These are the type of friends that are there for life. You can talk about anything, just “get each other”, and don’t even have to talk to enjoy the company. Spending time with them made me realize how much I miss having close friends in the neighborhood. I miss the conversations, the walks along the beach, having coffee on a whim, and Saturday lunches....more

Everyone needs a Best Foodie Friend

Learning how to shop for high quality food while trying to maintain a reasonable family budget can be a daunting task.  Finding time to prepare good food while juggling the other responsibilities of motherhood can be a challenging enterprise. ...more