I was so disappointed in myself.

In our tiny rural Village,(yes village) nestled in Nova Scoatia Canada, we, like everywhere else, have our "village drunk", "village idiot"... and our village's "hopeless cause". Everyone, from one end of our village to the 20 minute drive to the other know this "hopeless cause" by name.Every now and then, someone, usually a church congregation, puts their hearts on their sleeves and tries their best to change this man's life. But why?...more

Hugs no longer scare me

Early in my friendship with my only friend from the South, she said to me, “You are the friend I touch the least. You visible cringe when you see me coming.” It was an alarming statement—not because she said it, but because it was true....more

A Simple Trick

Want to shake the winter blues?  I have a simple trick that works every time.Pick up the phone and call a friend!  Yep, it's really that easy.  Especially for empty-nesters, it is vital to maintain that human contact.  Just a few minutes chatting with a friend will chase the blues away, re-energize your spirit, and actually lower your blood pressure....more

Distilling Your Blog "Voice".

What do I want to blog about?Advisers such as Stanford from Pushing Social recommend that you should have one topic, one strong opinionated voice, for a blog to be a success. I have had several blogs in the last decade, the longest lasting for more than seven years....more
Welcome! I look forward to seeing more of you! I believe blogging is what you make of it and as ...more

elaineR.N. and HomeRearedChef Share Wine and Time at Picchetti

Time enough has passed for two BlogHer bloggers—virtual amigas for the past almost two years—to finally meet, face-to-face. And what better setting to have as a first-time rendezvous—appropriately, for talking and getting to know each other—for breaking bread, than at a favored winery over a glass (or two!) of wine. And that’s after having already sampled little tastes from the winery’s variety of finest elixir. Now let me share some details about our delightful afternoon....more
Hello Amiga! What a wonderful adventure! Great pic's. Hugs, Karymore

I Bleed For Them (poem)

Bleeding due to a wound afflicted upon another can be debilitatingbut that is what empathy is and I have it abundantly....more

All My Friends are Online

I’m not sure what I thought parent/adulthood would be like. I imagined a husband, kids, a job, managing finances, buying cars… you know, the stuff commercials are made of. I never imagined that it would be hard(er) to maintain friendships and even hard(er) to make new friends. What was I thinking? Sometimes friendships as an adult seem downright impossible. ...more
I feel very much the same way! I moved 5+ hours from all my friends and I still struggle 4 years ...more

Every Woman Needs a Roller Derby Alias…

My 20 year-old daughter recently tried out for the CT Roller Girls team.  While she didn't qualify, she will try again and what's more important, she and our family were introduced to the world of roller derby....more
@Peep Into My Life... I will check it out today! My Roller Derby story (so far) is here: ...more


          I met an old friend this weekend.  This girl is my Mormon counterpart, the “what-if” version of a life spent inside Mormonism, rather than outside.  Our parents are long-time friends; we grew up in the same ward and attended the same school.  We were the minority Mormons in school, a fact that threw us together on a regular basis.  We were both blonde, straight-A students who went on to study biology in college.  Between early-morning seminary, our shared honors classes, and youth activities, sh...more

Finley's Story From Other Perspectives - Part Two

 A couple of weeks ago I received another story from a friend who lived out in Naples while we were there. Sharon and Josh moved out with their dog Bamboo (a massive Japanese Akita). We were selected to be their sponsors, and I was pretty excited when I found out they were close in age to  us. ...more