A Note to say Thank You

Dear friends, I want you to know that I am grateful to and for you. Whether you read my words and quietly lurk Or share my posts with others Or take the time to write a comment Thank you for being here. Whether you just happened to drop by today Or you're a brand new friend Or you've been around for awhile Thank you for being here. Whether you only visit occasionally Or subscribe to my blog and read every new post Or catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter Thank you for being here. Whether I know you online Or in "real life" ...more
inevertoldher Thank you! :)more

A Girl Needs Her Friends...Just Ask the Fish

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."  - Irina Dunn...more

Let's Not Be Friends

Dear Mouthy Housewives,There is a woman from the neighborhood who is constantly trying to make plans with me. She is so sweet. And so boring. No sense of humor at all. I don't want to offend her, but I really have no interest in hanging out or developing this friendship. What should I do?Leave Me Alone ...more
Sweet, sensitive and very wise advice.more

How a $1 Donation Turned Around My Holiday

A few weeks ago, I posted a little challenge on my blog to ask people to send me a Christmas card and promising to donate $1 to Pittsburgh's LGBTQ Community Center in exchange - to bolster their membership campaign. It was a very off-the-cuff thing so I didn't expect a huge response....more

My Optimism Teacher

JordanApril 6th, 1976 – December 10th, 2010...more

Shortcut Amish Friendship Bread (no starter)

I wanted to make Amish Friendship Bread for a very long time. But whenever I look at the recipe and see that it requires starter which needs 10 days of stirring and waiting to be done, I quickly lose interest. I thought, would it be possible to cheat a little bit? So, I used same ingredients for starter as the original recipe, but also added some fresh yeast. I know, yeast and sourdough are not the same, the sourdough lands a little bit of acidity to the bread, but the difference is so small that it can easily be ignored....more

Granny Squares and Gratefulness

I was feeling unraveled this morning. I found my husband's usual teasing banter a bit annoying, but I tried to be civil, even friendly. But I was trying to think. Deeply. Having to respond to his inane questions was preventing that. (I really do love my husband.) I had two things on my mind: my pastor's message yesterday and a book I was reading. Both had to do with my relationship with God. I think. (Or I would if I could.) ...more
poojanegi Well said! It is easy to dwell on the negative, and I find if I just take the time to ...more

The sisterhood of the traveling blow dryer...

Thursday morning, I needed the black blow dryer, the only blow dryer that is movable at the health club."Sure, hon, anything you want," responded Donna to my request. She was perched on her usual Tuesday/Thursday stool at the counter that contains every blow dryer the women's locker room offers (that would be three). "Do you need anything else? I'll give it to you. I'll give you anything -- except my spot!"She laughed and smiled, as did I, but she wasn't kidding. (Although I suspect if I had some sort of medical reason why I needed the spot, she might share.)...more

Scattered Pictures

Twenty-seven years ago (ACK!!), I moved into my first apartment at Georgetown with three classmates.  It was like playing house--walking to Safeway to buy groceries, making Quick Corn Light Bread from my mother's recipe, using the carpet sweeper, fighting over whose turn it was to buy toilet paper, throwing dinner parties.  We had so much fun.  And of course it seems like it all happened yesterday....more

Why I Feel Sorry for Married Ladies and You Should Too

“We’re not just married. We’re friends.” That’s a shame. I feel sorry for the woman who proclaims as much on her wedding day. Yeah, it’s the nuptially-correct thing to say and sometimes it’s even true. Still. It’s a shame. Fast forward 10 years, her spouse is her only friend, and sometimes they aren’t even friendly. ...more
LOL is this post even serious? You sound bitter. Crazy hella bitter.  And I'm saying that as a ...more