Making connections and forging friendships at BlogHer 2016

Way back in the early days of 2015, I attended a live reading of several excerpts from the book, Listen To Your Mother. It was here that I met Melisa Wells, the woman responsible for all things social media at BlogHer, and its parent company, SheKnows Media, the sponsors of the event....more

The Truth Behind My Awkward Social Nature

Originally on: Angie's Angle You walk into Happy Hour and there is this girl sitting with your co-worker, you assume it's the wife as you have heard about her but haven't met her yet. As you are introduced, you realize that yes it is. But she is just sitting there. Saying nothing, is she even listening? What is her deal? Is she a snob? Why did she even come, if she didn't want to be here?  ...more
I think so may people can relate. Some people just take longer to get to know and to open up.more

8 Things Bloggers Wish Non-Bloggers Knew

Time away from my friends. Energy just to make sure I shared the post on every single marketing platform. Emotions like excitement from a post well received, sadness from rejection on contributor opportunities, joy from hitting a new milestone, anger from troll-like comments. Love for knowing I was connecting with people and possibly helping them. To be honest the hardest part has been the amount of time blogging takes. While I believe it's worth it, it was a huge adjustment. ...more
I love this! My blog hasn't really grown,, but i still spend a lot of time on it. i spend more ...more

Mother seeking mother to be friends for life

Everyone always told me that life would change when I had children. No duh, of course my life would change. I’ve added new humans to my life and daily routine. There’s no turning back from that.But, no one told me my friendships would change too....more

Tangled webs and bitching spiders

Personally, I want to be a better person - just like everyone else, well, at least most everyone else.  I know I'm not perfect, goodness knows I'm not perfect. Some people say that then secretly revel in their perfection.  My quest to become a better human fails, seemingly every time I try.  I think it must be the new year's resolution syndrome.  Well, at least I'm consistent....more

Can My Friendships Survive the Presidential Election?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, The presidential election is a year away and some of my friends are already driving me crazy with their political posts on Facebook. I don't want to block them but I don't always share the same political views and it's making me nuts. Ideas? Signed, I'm Left, They're Right Image: Gify. Dear I'm Left, They're Right, ...more
I say what my dad says, 'Voting is like sex. Everyone should do it, but keep the details to ...more

Do You Remember Your Childhood Friends?

I had the BEST friend when I was a little girl. I mean it, we were absolutely perfect for each other. How can you go wrong when your best friend shares the same first name AND middle name as you? We were twins, we were in seperable....more

When friendships change

I do not know where my childhood best friend is. Her name is Nicole, and she and I were best friends from first through fifth grade. We were Girl Scouts together, we would play games in her basement, and we had countless sleepovers at each other's houses. When I moved to South Carolina, we wrote each other letters, but eventually that tapered off and we lost touch....more
I have a fried from elementary school that I keep up with. The past decade, we haven't been able ...more

Can You Be BFFs with the Opposite Sex?

As the guy on the TV screen wrestled with his uncooperative bowtie, he looked in the mirror toward the barrier a few feet behind him, where his best friend was busy putting on her dress....more

Can We Laugh It Off: Prejudice in America

Many think lynchings weren't that bad or that the victims had it coming. They think it was about ...more