Why Traveling Charitably is Traveling Fashionably

Even though many people picture a vacation as a time to simply relax and unwind, it’s also a great way to help out people around the world while you explore. There are numerous ways you can be charitable and philanthropic while you travel.Go on a Volunteer VacationImage via Flickr by Frontierofficial...more

12 Fresh Tips for Frugal Living

Living a frugal lifestyle is no longer considered to be unusual, it’s a normal thing that most of us are doing. We reuse, recycle and repurpose everything.  We can not only save money,  but also to be environmentally friendly....more
These are great tips! I'm happy to see that I'm actually doing most of them! :)more

8 Ways to Earn Extra Money For Christmas NOW

I walked into Costco the other day and BAM! Christmas trees, wreaths, bows, garlands, lights... All right there when we walked in; which is a painful reminder that, holy cow, Christmas is almost here! Which of course brought up the question do I have my Christmas money yet?! ...more

I Haven't Spent a PENNY on Laundry All Year

On my quest to eliminate unnecessary waste and spending in my house, I looked to our laundry routine to see where I could trim some fat and cut some corners....more

12 Signs You've Married a Cheapskate

Confession: I married a Cheap SkateKeith and I are pretty similar in most ways and are on the same page with how to handle situations at least 90% of the time without even really discussing it.Should I work after having babies? Absolutely.Should we make popcorn after dinner? DUH.Should we buy the Corvette we’re both coveting? Not practical.Should we quit our great jobs in Knoxville and move to Texas? Sure, why not?Should we spend the extra $0.99 and upgrade to Guacamole with our Fajitas? *crickets*...more
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Why I hate the word "frugal".

I hate the word “frugal”.  I shouldn’t.  It’s a good word.  Yet, I cringe every time someone calls me frugal, because let’s face it, 9 times out of 10, they aren’t complimenting me....more

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Romantic Dates

Just because you and your sweetheart don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t have a great date. Check out these ideas for a great date night without breaking the bank....more
RowenaHasan Glad you liked it! They are all really memorable dates. Thanks for reading!more

Tex Mex Taco Pasta

This Tex Mex Taco Pasta reminds me of dishes that I ate while spending many years in the Southwest.  I spent many years living close to the border, I grew to love, and even crave, Mexican Food.  I am always on the lookout for great recipes that have the perfect blend of spicy and hot!...more