Frugal Dining

Did you know you can go out to eat and still save money?  For a lot of people, dining out is a luxury...I'm one of them.  But I've found a couple of ways to save enough money that I can enjoy a meal out and not stress about what it's doing to my budget.1.  Find your favorite restaurants' websites.  Many of them offer email clubs you can join.  With that membership, you'll frequently receive coupons for buy one, get one free entrees.  You'll also receive coupons for free appetizers or desserts and usually a free offer for your birthday....more

Why I Do It

I get asked frequently why I enter things on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Let me explain....more

Couponing Made Simple

If you are starting couponing, the first thing you need to know is that do not get a lot of news paper to start. I have been there and trust me, you will overwhelm yourself. I would get one or two.When you get your newspapers, I would seperate the coupons by pages, so when you cut them, you can page by page by coupons. I'm very organized when it comes to my coupons.I organize them from category. I'm very picky when it comes to this. If you would like to know what categories I use, please send me a message and I will help you out. ...more

Coupon Blog

This is blog mainly for myself and how far I've come with my couponing. I do enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with others because I think it keeps me sane most of the time. Every Sunday I buy my boyfriend's mother newspapers and I buy myself some whether they have any or not. Because you can always get lucky and have an extra coupon ad. I like to find the best deals myself, but at times, I like to enjoy my Sundays to couponing....more

A Necessary Splurge

I do a lot of posts on being frugal.  I enjoy finding the best deal I can on almost everything.  But there are some things that are necessary splurges.  Allow me to explain...I frequently purchase fresh flowers.  I enjoy having them in my home.  Seeing them nurtures my soul and brings me a sense of calm and peace....more

Homemade Christmas

Along with millions of other, Christmas will be a tad tight around our nest this year.  I've been digging through my craft supplies and recipes for ideas for gifts. I've given homemade gifts in the past and have always felt guilty about doing so.  I hate that I can't always afford the latest and greatest for my friends and family.  And I've also received my share of verbal smackdowns for feeling that way!! ...more

Split Pea and Sausage Soup

Soup makes me happy. Just recently, I took having soup at home to the next level and made homemade soup bread bowls. It was a very, very good day in our house....more

This New Economy

Quite a few of my friends refer to me as the Queen of Cheap.  By necessity and now habit, I hate to pay retail for anything and prefer free!!  In our current economy, the tips and tricks I've learned over the years are most definitely coming in handy.  So over the next few weeks, I'll share some of the lessons I've learned.  Please feel free to add tips of your own...I'm always willing and eager to learn more!!...more

Curtain Rods...Use what you have

I made new curtains. I had white slider "kitchen rods" up and didn't want to stop and install, nor buy, new ones....more
@HomeRearedChef I sew alot, and I use checks and plaids....easier to cut and sew! Thanks. more

Birthday Money and My Spending Fast Dilemma

With Monday under my belt I am ready to face the rest of the week. I have given myself a "to-do" list, a list of things that need to be accomplished by Saturday.  After procrastinating half of the day away yesterday, I still managed to get alot done.  Operation Mom and Dads Bedroom Recovery is finally organized and ready for the next phase which brings me to todays post....more