The Most Frugal Gift of All

What could it be?  Your love and your time.  There are a multitude of ways you can give of yourself without spending a dime.Visit a friend.  If you haven't seen them in a while, just the sight of your face will be a gift.  Conversation with a friend is a priceless gift.Stop by the home of an elderly friend and clean their baseboards.  Sounds too simple, doesn't it?  But think how difficult that one chore can be for someone getting up in years. ...more

Frugal Gift Ideas

Here are a few frugal gift ideas.  It is possible to share Christmas joy without breaking the bank!!1.  Gourmet coffee with a cute coffee mug2.  A journal with a personal inscription from you inside the front cover, add a fancy pen.3.  A pretty teacup with a variety of teas4.  Homemade mixes in a pretty jar5.  Basket filled with sewing or craft supplies6.  Cloth napkins with seasonal napkin rings7.  Gardening gloves with a variety of seed packets8.  Bath puff and guest soaps...more
Good choices. :)more

A Frugal Girls Night: Update

So last night didn't exactly go as planned.  Big surprise, huh?  Isn't that the way life usually works?We get to the restaurant and the entree special (steak and lobster) that we were planning on ordering was no longer on special.  Ok, time to regroup. ...more

A Frugal Girls Night

Tonight I get to spend the evening with one of my best friends.  We both lead pretty busy lives so our goal is to get together at least once a quarter.  Tonight is the night for this quarter!But how to have a girls night on a budget?  It's not easy, but with a little planning we're going to pull it off!First, we're eating at a restaurant we have coupons for.  And we're going to be ordering an entree they currently have on special.  All things considered...we're talking steak and lobster for two for under a total of $30!!  Not too bad!...more

Quick and Frugal

Below is the recipe for a quick and frugal gift.  If you buy a case of pint size canning jars, this can be made in bulk.  It makes a perfect hostess gift or it's good to stash away for when you need that emergency gift when someone unexpected arrives at your door!Peppermint Bath SaltsIngredients:3 cups Epsom salts1/2 tsp pure peppermint extract1 tsp sugar2-4 drops red food coloringDirections:1.  Stir all ingredients together...more
Well how about that, another use for peppermint extract. Hmmm which reminds me, I think I might ...more

Happy Monday!!

Last Monday, I did a post about being starved for time.  This Monday, I'm looking around my office/sewing room/craft room/guest room and there are piles of Christmas presents in various stages of construction.  Sigh......more

An Interesting Week

If you've followed the trend of my blog posts this week (and of course, I know you have!), you've noticed that they all seem to have to do with saving money.I guess that is due to the season.  Striving for the perfect Christmas on a non-existent budget has my brain focused on what I can save and where. my brain overloads, it spills out on to my blog!!  The upside?  I get to share the tips and tricks I've learned with all of you!!...more

Winter's not Always so Bad

In life we all have season's and right now, I'm in winter.  Things are a lot slower and not as green and sunny.  Some days I just want to hibernate.  What I have found though, is that some of my best cooking ideas and tastiest dishes have been during this time.  I've had to ...more

More Free Books

I've found another resource for free ebooks.  As if the 3000+ I already have on my Kindle and Nook weren't enough...I found a site that will give me lists for both on a daily basis!!FREE eBook Deal is a website that tracks free books for both the Kindle and the Nook.  At the current time, these are the only two formats available.  There are a number of ways to get these free books from this site....more

Frugal Dining

Did you know you can go out to eat and still save money?  For a lot of people, dining out is a luxury...I'm one of them.  But I've found a couple of ways to save enough money that I can enjoy a meal out and not stress about what it's doing to my budget.1.  Find your favorite restaurants' websites.  Many of them offer email clubs you can join.  With that membership, you'll frequently receive coupons for buy one, get one free entrees.  You'll also receive coupons for free appetizers or desserts and usually a free offer for your birthday....more