101 Fun Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Okapi loves to play with a cardboard box.  We went to an awesome creative day at the art museum and they had a lot of recycled cardboard and art supplies. All four of us had fun using our imagination and thinking outside the box, literally.  Here is a rundown of some frugal ways I have used cardboard.1  Make a robot for creative play.  Just cut out some holes for arms, legs and head.2  Sit in it and have your private reading sanctuary.  Line it with a pillow and a blanket....more

Frugal Challenge

I decided to discipline myself with my spending.  I am super frugal and proud of it.  I know, I know.  You are thinking she is one of those cheapskates that saves toilet paper rolls or has 1001 uses for a paperclip.  Well, I am not a perfect example, but I do thrive on saving money.  ...more


It's 8 o'clock on a Friday night and I'm just now getting around to today's post!!I do have an excuse.  The carpets were cleaned today and I spent most of the day moving furniture around.  I am one whupped girl! I admit, it's not a spectacular excuse...but it's the only one I've got.  So here is just a quick note for Frugal Friday....more

Yard Sale Super Mom! A lesson in etiquette...

Yesterday was one of those rare days when my husband is in such a loving mood, that he peacefully (even willingly) escorted me on a morning of yard sale bargain hunting. This is not a common occurrence people and I'm not sure what I did right (or what I owe him now) but he came right along and his company made my day. After all, don't we all hope for a partner who will willing coo over baby items and (feign) excitement over the dollars being saved by a spot of haggling? Indeed....more

Late Night. Hungry. Broke. (An Accidental Awesome Recipe)

 It's late at night. My housemates are sitting around the table playing what looks like a rather complicated-looking card game while I read on the couch.  Gurgle. Grumble. Gruuummmmble. Gurgle.     My stomach is alerting me to the fact that it is empty. "I am guessing y'all have had dinner already?" I inquire hopefully."I could eat," says the skinny one, "depending on what it is."...more

A Frugal Reminder

We frequently receive freebies, samples, or hugely discounted/coupon items.  You can only stockpile so much!  What to with the overflow:...more

Make up Challenge.. How many looks with a palette?

Make up challenge  Hello, my name is Michelle and I’m a make-up junkie.Raise your hand if you are one too. Better yet, take this challenge with me and let’s show people how many looks with can get with a set number of items!Let me introduce you to my experiment....more

Practical Garden Art

Gigi and I spent this weekend beautifying our veggie patch and building a worm farm. We have bit of variety in our garden now and I've been thinking a lot about garden markers. I've seen some very lovely ones on etsy and made-it but have wanted to make some myself in the spirit of living simply and being frugal. I saw an inspiring picture on the Internet and thought it would be a great activity for Gigi and I to do together. We collected a variety of smooth rocks of varying size from a nearby river and spent the morning painting them....more

Easy Savings

The other day I was watching "Extreme Couponing" on TLC.  In my wildest dreams, I can't picture myself achieving those kinds of savings.  For one, I don't have forty hours a week to devote to the endeavor.  I wish I did.  But I do have a simple tip I use to garner some easy savings.Did you know that the majority of dollar stores accept coupons?  I'm talking the big ones...Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree.  Yes, Dollar Tree.  Where everything is only a dollar.  ...more