Only buy what's on sale when grocery shopping

Maybe I'm dumb. But when I'm perusing grocery aisles, what stands out to me? Stuff that's on sale. Yellow tags, red tags, closeout!, buy __ for $__!, save $__. I. love. it. all. Actually I pay closer attention than just the bright colors. I don't buy what I don't need, so this tip does not mean a huge trip to the grocery store and stockpile everything that's marked down. It's about having a list of groceries you need, getting to the store, evaluating the section, and making an educated and smart pick....more


Next frugal tip!

Sorry it has been awhile. I didn't mean to get caught up with well life! Our weekend wasn't really busy but maybe that is what we needed. This week has been an awful whirlwind and we just want it over. We went to mid week service last night to try and recharge. Going to church is never bad but we wanted more of a recharge than a bible lesson but nonetheless it was good to go and God was happy we were there. Last time I mentioned Krazy coupon lady and I hope you have found that site helpful! Today I am going to talk a little more about coupons and then move on....more

Frugal Homework

I have an assignment I need to do.  I have to write a paper, using a movie as my basis.  It can't be just any has to be a movie with a legal theme.  And not just any legal theme, it has to be business related.By now, you know me.  If I have to have something, I'm going to get it for cheap or even better, free! ...more

Frugality on Grocery Day

I have repeatedly said that being frugal can mean something to me and something completely different to you.  I used the cable television as my first example.  My definition is to be very careful spending money, but not stupid.  This week coupons, stocking up, and gardening are my examples. People use coupons to purchase groceries.  I rarely, if ever, use coupons.  I grocery shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store. I shop the baking isle, the condiment isle, and the pasta/bean isle on the inside perimeter....more

Upcycling: Breathing New Life Into Forgotten Treasures

Whether we are aware of it or not, most of us upcycle without even realize we are doing it. Sometimes it's as simple as throwing a coat of paint on a discarded chair, or turning an old milk crate into a new home for our favorite flowers. The process of upcycling is simply altering something old and forgotten into something new and memorable. It is a cost effective way to transform existing spaces and items without breaking the bank, and at the same time reducing that ever-growing carbon footprint we leave behind. ...more

So here I am...

Ok so here I am, 34 yrs old ( but according to Vegas rules 32) and very confused. I am a mother of 2 wonderful girls, married to a hard working man, and a "momma" to 2 awesome doxies! I live to cook, but let's be honest as a profession the hours kill ya. I love to garden,and it is paying off. The job market out there sucks, if you have experience they don't want you and if you have none, the same thing. In the past few months I have been on 68 interviews and have sent out more resumes then that....more

Frugal Planning

I managed a couple of sweet scores this week. One...I found a deal for a local attraction that I've been wanting to see.  It was a half-price deal with four tickets for under $20 dollars.  Score!!Two...I needed to purchase a birthday cake and an ice cream cake was specifically requested.  Lo and behold, I receive an email from Dairy Queen saying everything was half price on the 23rd.  I don't need the cake until the 31st...but that's what a freezer is for!!  Score!!...more

Frugal Betty

Oh what a beautiful day! I am so happy to see the sun out. We had a great play date today and now our daughter is sleeping. Upon waking I think I will feed her some lunch and head out. It is too nice to stay inside and we have been stuck inside all week! I am going nuts. As some of you know I am a stay at home mom.....when people hear that they assume I spend my days at the gym, getting nails done and eating Bon bons. It really bothers me. People would be surprised by how much we live off of....more

Frugal School Continued

Last week I let you know about the free backpack I managed to score.  Part of that deal was the free shipping I get by utilizing Amazon Prime.  This week, I found a deal on Amazon Prime itself.As a new college student, I became eligible to join Amazon Student.  With Amazon Student, I receive six months of FREE Amazon Prime.  As I already use Amazon Prime, Amazon refunded me six months ($39.50) of the yearly fee.  Not only refunded it...but did it within 24 hours!...more