Cyber Monday

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year for online retailers.  Here are a few tips to help with your shopping adventure....more

Money Update

First a piece of business.  Due to a change in management, Superpoints is currently unavailable.  Hopefully, they will be under new management soon and once again available to earn gift cards!Now on to the update. Even without the use of Superpoints this month, I managed to sock away $40 in my Amazon account.  Not bad for just a few minutes each day!!  Every penny of that is being saved for Christmas more buying books for me until after the holidays!! ...more

Mailbox to Suitcase

One of the freebies I've mentioned before are samples.  You may think that they are not worth your time to get a one-use sample of something but they really do come in handy.While traveling recently, I used sample sizes of deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dental floss, and wipes.  That was just on one trip.  It made my packing easier, I didn't have to worry about the correct sizes for security, and when the sample was gone, I threw it away.  I didn't have to worry about packing empty bottles to take home to refill....more

Countdown to Christmas 51 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 51 Days and Counting ...more

Countdown to Christmas 60 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 60 Days and Counting...more

Countdown to Christmas 78 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 78 days and countingStep 2 Write Your Gift-listMake a list of everyone you would like to give a gift to this holiday season. Think about what each person would need or want. Maybe they’ve mentioned something throughout the year....more

What kind of couponer are you? Day 4

What kind of couponer are you? - Day 4 The creature of habit couponer is someone whose family is set in their ways as far what brand items and unwilling to try anything new. This person can’t see themselves tracking down that sale item in a store they don’t normally frequent.If this is you take heart you can still save money on these habits. Visit our download page at for a list of companies that you can email to request for coupons.If you favorite store has a loyalty card sign up so that you can benefit from your loyalty....more

Countdown to Christmas 79 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 79 days and counting...more

What kind of Coupner are you? - Day 3

What kind of couponer are you? – Day 3The impulsive shopper is someone that doesn’t care so much where they shop and planning ahead isn’t something they feel that they simply don’t have time for. You can still save on those impulsive trips if  you use what is available to you, your phone being one of them apps can save you money is you use them properly so take the time to download free apps such as Grocery IQ, they will help you to become more organized even faster. ...more

What kind of Couponer are you? Day 2

Day 2- The disorganized Couponer- you print out  and clip coupons online and out of your Sunday paper only to forget them while out on  a shopping trip. Or perhaps you remember the coupon and then realize at checkout that your coupon has expired. ...more