Using Coupons

Have you watched "Extreme Couponing" on TLC?  I have and quite honestly, I don't get it.  I mean, I understand saving money on the things your family uses and I even understand stocking up.  But there is a huge difference between stocking up and a stockpile....more

More Free Books!

Lucky me!!  I've found yet another resource for free Kindle e-books!  This is a Facebook page that posts throughout the day.  Not all of them are free, they do post a few greatly reduced titles.  Pay close attention to the Amazon page to make sure you're getting the free ones....more

Frugal Friday

A few frugal tips for your weekend:1.  Take advantage of Redbox.  For less than pay per view, you can get a movie to rent.  Pop some popcorn at home and have an inexpensive movie night.2.  Have family history night.  Drag out your old pictures and share stories of your family with your children and grandchildren.3.  Do your own fast food night.  Recreate your favorite fast food meal at home.  Think of Sonic's Coney and tater tots...easy to do!...more

Family Fun on a Budget

We are getting pretty excited around here, because next week is our Family Vacation!  We’ve been planning this, well, pretty much since last Summer’s vacation. Everyone has been pitching in ideas of things they’d like to do during our week off. Since we’re living the Frugal Life and can’t afford to go away for a traditional vacation, we generally stick pretty close to home, and go about finding fun, free (or low cost) things to do together....more

A Frugal Trend

Have you seen the stars lately with the different colored streaks and tips in their hair?  Here's a frugal way to get the same effect for your kids and grandkids.  Or maybe even's fun!!Chalk!!  Yes...artist chalk...and it doesn't have to be the expensive stuff.  You can use the chalk from the dollar store!Steps to chalking hair.1.  Wet the section of hair you wish to color....more

More Than Just a Crazy Coupon Lady

 When I first started An Exercise In Frugality ( I had the intention of sharing coupon deals with people. But it has grown into more than that. I try to do more than just spam post a buch of deals that people ignore. I have also written articles about how to use coupons successfully to save money off grocery budgets, doing so with integrity, and also other ways you can save money....more

Save more when grocery shopping

My love/hate relationship with grocery shopping has grown into 100% love because of coupons and price matching. Currently I am just price matching, and it seems like I always get asked by the person behind me checking out ”what are you doing”? Price Matching is great, simple and you can save between $10-$30 each shopping trip by doing it....more

He Hit Me!

You know the Declaration of Independence?!?!  We do love to shout it out from time to time!“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  ...more
 @victorias_view My Want list is always large :)more

Frugal Summer

Now that the kids are out of school, there are a number of options for summer fun.1.  Head to your local library.  From DVD's to summer reading programs, there are numerous options for free summer fun.2.  Check with your local community center.  Many offer free family and kid events during the summer.3.  Do an internet search for festivals in your community.  Many offer free admission and they're perfect for meeting neighbors and people watching!...more

The journey begins

Yesterday I told the Pirate that I was making the switch to "family cloth".  He had the expected response: EEEWWWW!! until I told him he didn't need to use it. Actually, I don't want him to use it.  I'm sticking with the non-stickies for this and boys don't use potty paper for that.Why now? ...more
 @karenks Potty hankie!  Much better name.  'Family cloth' isn't really appropriate when you're ...more