Ready, Set, Swap!!

Clothing.  One of the expensive categories in our budgets, and a difficult one to manage.  We all want to look good...but how to do it frugally?One option is a clothing swap.  You will get new clothes for your wardrobe, get to spend time with friends, and they get new options to wear also....more
 @Kraken If you don't have friends in your same size can also do an accessory ...more

Cheap and Natural Drain Cleaner

Baking soda and vinegar - nature's natural, non-toxic cleaners. I am still amazed by how well these two things together clean and deodorize....more
Great tip!more

Free Concerts And More

I love finding new resources, especially in the arts.  Today's post is about ...more

Reading Week

A number of blogs and publishers are celebrating "We Love Reading" week.  I've done a number of posts about where to find free e-books for your Kindle, Nook, and Sony e-readers.  But what if you want the actual hard copy?  There are a couple of options I've found to win free "real" books....more

Frugal Entertainment

Ok, this goes beyond frugal to absolutely free!!  Yes, free!  Did you know you can watch full-length movies on your computer for free?  Thanks to YouTube, you can.Here's the link:

Meatless Monday

I know what you ate last night watching the Super Bowl. Tonight might be a good night to go meatless....more

Top 10 Signs to Look For When You Are Poor

Have you, or someone you know, ever been down and out? Maybe you recently got laid off or are one of the millions of underemployed Americans today. If so, read this article to gain great advice on how to survive and thrive an economic melt down in your own life. Remember, just because your life is spiraling downhill faster than a two ton ball of cement does not mean you can't have a sense of humor. Relax and feel completely confident that your life will be headed in the right direction after you read this lens. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional but I play one on weekends....more

A Frugal Valentine Gift

I know it's early but this is something you can start now.  This gift works not only for your significant other...but for children, friends, anybody you love.First, find a cute jar or container.  In addition, you'll need strips of paper.  Make them about an inch wide and two inches long.  You may also wish to put some ribbon around the top of the container....more

Reviving A Lost Tradition

I am a child of the 70's.  One of the traditions we have lost from that era is the pot-luck dinner.  That's sad, as it was a way to gather friends without a huge expense on the host....more

You just never know...

So I've been going to the thrift stores when I have time.  Which, in school, means not very often. As far as the dress search goes, I still have a lot of searching to go.  I have found great DIY accessories on craftgawker so worst case scenario I will dress up a little black dress with super amazing DIY details.  But enough about failures.  Look what I DID find!...more