How grocery shopping more often is saving me money

Grocery shopping more often isn’t a strategy I would have thought to employ in order to save money on food. Most people would advise you to stay out of the stores in order to save money, and I would have agreed. Until…It all started with a broken fridge.Last year, my refrigerator suddenly refused to keep anything cold. It took 5 visits from a repairman to figure out (is it just me, or are fancy appliances just not worth it?) how to fix it....more

To be or not to be Frugal

 People talk about this all the time - Being frugal. In a lot of cases, the consistent message seems to be  that the only way to really save money is to be completely frugal and enjoy life's "little" pleasures....more
Agreed. I am very frugal on the little things (I buy things with coupons and don't spend a lot ...more

My Spiritual Journey Into Single Motherhood and Frugal Living

My life has undergone some drastic changes in the past week. I’m in a place I never imagined I would be…a single mom with four children.  How did this happen? Why is this happening to me and my children? Is there anything I could have done to prevent this from happening?I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that God has a plan for my life. Although I may not understand why this happened, He does....more

Home decor for pennies on the dollar

I’m really excited to be sharing this post with you because it’s something I’m quite passionate about-living on a budget and not loosing that resolve even when it comes to decorating my home.  I believe it’s important to personalize your home and to make it distinctly yours.  To me, it’s part of building family traditions, creating enjoyment and carving out a sense of home.  At the same time I don’t want to trade financial security in for a newly decorated room....more

Thanks, Dad, for "useful life skills."

Years ago my dad had two teaching jobs: elementary school all day, and an evening gig with adolescents deemed too unruly for regular high school. One evening, a student flipped a penny at him. Dad picked it up and put it in his pocket. The teens laughed, and another one flipped a penny. Then another one.When my father had 12 cents in his pocket, he said, “Guys, I want to thank you. All I need is 38 more of these and I’m going over to the Fairfield and have a draft beer — on you.”...more

On Cooking One Day a Week

The Frugal Gourmet always talked about cooking one day a week, and I've lusted after directions ever since. (Cooking one day a week, of course, doesn't exactly mean you aren't cooking the rest of the week, but it does mean getting things ready so preparing meals during the week is easy.) Does this mean I have to have a meal plan? If I cook one day a week what should I do with all that I've cooked? What's the timeframe for cooking all those things??...more
An easier way to work it to make a double or tripple batch of whaterver you are cooking...  ...more

How I Make My Life Work (most of the time)

Right now I'm juggling a job in Manhattan at a very exciting firm, four kids, a wonderful husband, a 90 minute commute, a dog, cat and eleven chickens and some truly amazing friends. I love it. I get asked a lot how I make this work. I'm taking no credit for the fact that most of the time, it works. Really!...more

On Turning OCD into Freezer Frugality; Tamed Tips for the Less Crazy

I'd like to invite you into a very private place. A place that I've only figured out recently. A place that used to be a frozen graveyard; where money went to die. (No, not my unmentionables drawer.) My freezer. For years, I've known the freezer could be the secret to preserving food, saving money, and making life easier. But figuring out how to do all of that with a modest icebox was a big secret that I promised myself I'd figure out just as soon as I finished the bills, redid the budget, did the dishes, vacuumed, washed the dogs and mended my comforter....more

TW made the spreadsheet on Friday night. We shopped on Saturday. Nobody has entered anything and ...more

Frugal People Are Stingy

So this is probably one of the more common misconceptions, and to be honest there is some truth to it. Frugal people are stingy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however. In fact, I think more people should be stingy with their money....more