Delinking the food from the fun

"Mom, is it a dessert night?" I get asked that question almost every night. And I am pretty arbitrary in whether or not it will be a dessert night, as it depends on a lot of factors. To paraphrase Cookie Monster: Dessert is a sometimes food....more

10 reasons that will make you fall in love with Australia

Well for starters it is essential that you know that for teenagers like you and me, Australia holds a lot of opportunities. Be it recreational endeavors or job opportunities, Australia has got it all covered! You should know that it not only is a place for those who love the fast life track but it also caters to those who want to stay in their own personal space. Below are the 10 facts that makes you love Australia even more:...more

10 Ways to Make August Awesome

Don’t know what to do this month? Here are 10 ways to make August awesome!Why don’t you…?1. Start a collection? Vintage sunglasses? Cocktail rings? Charm bracelets?...more

New Blogger on the Mound

Hi, My name is Deborah, I just started my own blog, which is very scary. I came to this site for a little encouragement, and advice. I would appreciate any feedback, criticism and straight talk that you all can give me. I try to write what I feel, but I also try to stay relevant. Getting people to even look at your site is a challenge, and trying to earn money from a blog is even harder. I thank you all for

Our life for now.

DIY: Chalkboard Labeled Glass Jars

I love using my hands for projects around the house. Finding fun and easy DIY projects is a simple way to express myself and grow my creativity.After so many loads of laundry, unmaking and making up beds, cleaning toilets and rounds of dishes, I need something else for my hands to do. ...more

Hopscotch fun

My kids and I love to play outside. And, one of the activities we most love to do is play hopscotch.  It's a great activity to teach numbers, processes, coordination and taking turns.  As my children have grown, I've allowed them to draw their own hopscotches to practice drawing squares and writing numbers....more

Valentine 7 Layer Finger Jello

One of the first fun things I did with Zoe when I moved in was to make stripped finger Jell-O for her. She was impressed with the rainbow colors and at that point thought I was the best step-mom ever. ...more

on field days

There are two words that, when phrased together, scare the pants off of anyone....field + day =  Field Day Cue the horror movie music. Dun dun dun. The dreaded day of field-ing. Or something....more