Cocktail Ideas for Empty Nesters

If you’ve noticed the lines at the liquor store have been a little longer than usual lately, I can explain.  You see, many of us have recently dropped off our children at college, and we need a drink.  ...more

Did You Get Hired? On why dating is like looking for a job.

Since breaking up with my longtime boyfriend a few months ago, I have been toying with the idea of, gasp, dating again.  As I think about getting back out there and meeting folk, I think about how dating is like looking for a job. This is not to say that a relationship is work (painfully rolling my eyes) but dating is like looking for a job. Don't believe me? I've asked some of my employment challenged friends how their job searches are going and the answers they share sound suspiciously like something I would say when asked if there is a special dude in my life....more

Before and After #Blogher15

Before and AfterDid you like the interview with Lena?  Her before and after photos are amazing!!  I love seeing transformations but sometimes the before looks a lot better. ...more

Eight Times Having a Toddler Was Like Lord of the Flies

Hands up who's read Lord of the Flies? (Hand down, Dad, I read your school copy of the book: two pages of the whole book were annotated.) Those who did read the whole book: has anyone noticed their house has gone just a little bit Lord of the Flies since having a toddler? (If you've never read Lord of the Flies, but still want to know if this applies to you: essentially, if your life has started to occasionally resemble a dystopian chaos run by toddlers, this applies to you.)Here are eight times having a toddler was like Lord of the Flies....more

How to teach a preschooler to trace alphabets in 40 easy steps

This is my take on how to teach a preschooler to trace alphabets, all in 40 easy ;) steps. One disclaimer though: This is meant to be a funny piece, enjoy and don't take it too seriously!...more

12 Things I've Learned in 12 Years as a Parent

This month marks my “Mamaversary”, the anniversary of when I became a mom. My son turns 12 and I can’t help but look back in wonder at the last dozen years of parenting and reminisce about all that I’ve learned.Nor can I refuse the urge to share with you all that I’ve learned. Here are my words of wisdom, the 12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years as a Parent:...more

A Letter to Boys 1 and 2...

Dear Boys 1 and 2We've "successfully" reached the 6 week mark of the summer holidays…3 more to go and so far we are all largely unscathed.  However, I thought I would just make a few observations which could help the last 3 weeks go even more smoothly (if "smoothly" is the most appropriate adverb)  than the last 6 weeks....more

Smoking in the Jungle

I am ...more