Calamity Jane Peed On Me.

Calamity Jane is angry at me for some reason and, in turn, I’m angry at that dumb little cat. I woke up on the couch this morning, startled by both the morning noise in the kitchen and by Calamity Jane having a one-cat stampede around the living room. It’s the same stampede, I assume, continued from last night....more

Club Argonne: A Banking Faux Pas

I hope my daughter never finds this post when she gets older and starts snooping around my blog looking for evidence of insubordination so that she can wave it in my face whenever I try grounding her for breaking one of my many important rules; but if she does, I'd want h...more

You Might Be a Redneck If . . .

you have a story like this one....more

Ingenious Message Delivery System

Our two daughters went to a small private school where I was the librarian.  It was a great little community to grow up in, but it also meant that the girls spent more time at school than average and had to put up with staff meetings. The day after graduation the staff was to meet for the morning.  My two daughters, who had spent most of their lives at this little school, came with me and looked forward to the freedom of doing what they wanted. The children were safe in the building, running through the gym, reading books in the library,...more

My Relationships are Nations You Want to Leave

Keep on truckin’!”  I say, in a telephone conversation where my friend has asked me how I felt about a boy I had broken up with, who was neither a friends with benefits or a real relationship....more

Dating as a Metaphor

I teach Rhetoric & Composition to 18 year old college freshman, but to keep things interesting (for them; for me) I also think of the class as Life 101.Today’s lesson involved How to Evaluate the Appropriateness of a Source for Your Research Paper.  And half way through, things started to devolve....more

Mini vans, knee driving and sex appeal...HU??

I heard a statistic some time back that mini vans are the automobile most involved in accidents.  Not the kid in the red sports car, or the mercedes driven by a business man talking on his phone...but a "mom" in a mini van.  The part I like about this statistic, is that I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be a mom caught dead in one of those...unless of course I die...more

well, it's almost here!!!! Are ya ready???

~~Julie~~ Well, here we are again, just a few more shopping days left til THAT day. But, yea, I'm ok with it. I've got six kiddos, the usual  sister, neices, grandparents and in-laws, a few close friends that i've yet to actually shop for. But, naaaw, I'm not worried. I read a little website called "Pioneer Women", she takes me away to a place where I can escape the doldroms of the everyday hustle and bustle of the day. She is a joy to read and has amazing recipes and photos. (AND GIVEWAYS!) For instance.....she's giving away an all in one, HP Printer....more