Cat Names - Conversations with Charlie

My dad got a cat from Ft. Bend Animal Shelter over a month ago.   The cat is a small gray striped with white paws and chest. Dad named him Thomas the cat or Tom for short....more
I'm with Charlie -- Leroy is a good name for a cat!more

Conversations with Charlie - Rosa Parks

While dragging information out of Charlie about school last week this was the highlight of our conversation.Mommy – so what outclass did you have today?Charlie – library.Mommy – so what did Ms. Benjamin have y’all do in library today?Charlie – I got paired up with a nice girl named Jennifer. We have to do a report on Rosa Parks for African American history month....more
texasebeth I'm pretty impressed that he recognized "parks" as the author of Junie B Jones. So ...more

Conversations with Charlie - Halloween

Yesterday I showed Charlie the cute Snoopy Halloween t-shirt I bought him to wear to school today.Me – Hey Charlie, come see the shirt I bought for you to wear to school for Halloween.Charlie - Wow! Cool, awesome! (pause) Hey, wait a minute, wha? I have to go to school on Halloween?!Me – uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t you go to school?Charlie – But, but it’s HALLOWEEN! It’s a holiday and you don’t go to school on holidays!...more
LOL I'm with him.more

I'm Up All Night to Get Lucky

Have you heard Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” on the radio this summer? It's a big hit that features a vocalist singing “I’m up all night to get lucky” over and over.On Friday night, “Get Lucky” was playing in the restaurant in which my family was eating....more

Conversations with Charlie - underpants

Earlier this month I was buying Charlie new socks and underwear for back to school.  While at Wal-Mart I picked up a package of plain white Hanes briefs in his size and tossed them into the basket.Charlie – Mom, what are those?Me – what? those? They are underwear. You need some new ones.Charlie picks up the package of tighty whiteys and looks at them....more
Ha! Set straight, were ya'? Charlie knows what's what. :)more

Conversations with Charlie - Too Hot!

It has already been in the upper 80′s weather wise here. On Wednesday when Charlie walked home from school it as 88 degrees, sunny and humid. His friend Taina has been complaining it is too hot to finish walking from our house to hers in the afternoons. Charlie is taking up the “It’s too hot to walk home” mantra as well. Here is how Wednesday’s conversation went.Charlie – Mom, I can’t walk home from school anymore. It’s too hot....more

Conversations with Charlie - Charlie-isms

All kids say cute and funny things. Charlie is no exception as my many “Conversations with Charlie” posts prove. Here are some random things that Charlie has said in the last month or so. While sitting on my lap – “Mommy, your lap is so comfortable but slippery”  (as he slid off when I moved)“When was the last time Max brushed his teeth? His nose smells like rotten pickles.”When my dad told Charlie “See ya later alligator”, Charlie responded “See ya later crocodile”.“Jinx! Pinch, Poke, you owe me a soda!”...more
This internets not working thing seems to be contagious. I'm going to go tell my modem and ...more

Speaking of Awkward - A Word About Tattoos

You might have noticed when I posted the following photo in last Friday's post that I have a tattoo.I actually have two....more
I plan on getting my first tattoo next month. As I am rounding 40 and have been wanting one for ...more

Conversations with Charlie - bathing the dog

This conversation was yesterday morning. Charlie – Moooom! You have GOT to bathe Ruby.  For real.Me – I don’t have time to bathe her today.Charlie – Then you have GOT to really really give Ruby a bath tomorrow.Me – I really really do? Why?Charlie – Ruby is stinky! She smells worse than the boys bathroom at school! It is kinda hard to argue against logic like that. ...more
Hope the pup is bathed and some freshness has entered your world!more

Conversations with Charlie - Elvis Presley

 A few weeks ago Charlie had to do an oral report on a famous person. The teacher assigned Charlie Elvis Presley for his report. According to Charlie, not only did he have to find a book to read about Elvis and write a report but also give a SPEECH for a SPEECH grade! (emphasis Charlie’s)This is how the conversation regarding research on Elvis Presley went. Mom – Did you find a book at the {school} library on Elvis Presley today?...more