Romance Novel Vocabulary used in the Real World

Hello world!  I am a 48 year old, happily divorced, former NYer,   living in sunny Florida with my 3 dogs and amazingly Southern boyfriend.  I currently work at the most boring job in the world.  I'm talking mind-numbingly dull and utterly stress free.  This job does provide me with many valuable hours of reading time.  I literally sit at my desk with my Kindle under some very important documents with my back to the door of my veal calf cubicle.  It is so much better than High School when I had to hide my paperbacks under a bulky Trappe...more

Who's Afraid of The Elf on the Shelf?

One of my least favorite holiday traditions has to be the Elf on the Shelf.  I have friends who love it!  They scour Pinterest for the latest and greatest antics for their elf.  Or they are creative enough to come up with their own tomfoolery (yes, I just used that word.)  But frankly, the elf scares me.  Have you looked at it?  I mean looked deep into its eyes?  At first glance, the elf looks like a cute, vintage Kewpie doll.  But if you get in there and look, it starts to take on more of the appearance of the clown in Poltergeist.  Lik...more

Maturity Is Getting It Done, No Whining

Are you mature enough to pass the light bulb test?I'd been sharing my mid-20s with an educated, sane man for more than two years when he remarked in his cheerful British accent how amazed he was that given all the time we'd been in our apartment, not one light bulb had ever stopped working.I looked up from the pile of papers I was grading to double-check he was not kidding. He wasn't."What did you think happened? I sold my soul to the lamp fairy? We practically live in a basement. I replace bulbs constantly," I said....more

We Don't Diet, We Have A 'Way Of Eating'

Have personal diets replaced personal philosophies?Rules of everything from morality to etiquette no longer appear to apply. People will eagerly discuss their open relationships, their dismissal of religion, the fact that they didn't vote, their contempt for handwritten notes and their sexually transmitted diseases.Yet these same people will also threaten never to speak to you again if you serve them runny eggs, pasteurized milk or any dish where the mashed potatoes have touched the peas....more

Are My Working Class Roots Showing?

Class, like sexual identity, is on a continuum. Just as Benedict Cumberbatch is more feminine than Cameron Diaz, so are members of "Duck Dynasty's" Robertson family — estimated net worth of around $53 million — regarded by many fans as "real working guys" while Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — worth just over $4 million — is regarded as a privileged Ivy League elitist....more

True Life: I’m a College-Aged Dance Teacher and Holidays are Hell

I’m 21 years old and have 16 kids. They’re all about the same age, 6 to 9 years old. No, I didn’t have twins or quadruplets or even octuplets....more

Guess What? You Can do it Too!

I’m beginning to think that I must be truly amazing. Or perhaps I have some unheard of super powers that the rest of my family wasn’t lucky enough to be born with. Why do I feel this way? Well, it is simply because I seem to be the only person in our house that can do so many simple tasks…well, maybe I should say “will” do. These tasks seem so easy, yet they are clearly impossible for the rest of the family. Therefore, I use my superhuman powers to pick up the slack for the rest of the family. ...more

Note to Trump, your time is up.

You know that Donald Trump actually got more speaking time than Hillary Clinton did in Sunday's presidential debate, don't you? ...more

It's OK to Be Creepy

Making mom friends is hard. Start here....more