That First Blush of Love - Uh Oh!

I just want to confirm that it doesn’t matter how old you are, that first blush of love is one powerful thing.  It’s upsetting, physically debilitating, thrilling, scary, unnerving and filled with opportunity. And, that’s before he calls a second time....more

High School Stories

I went to a very public, very strict High School. It was a boarding School, actually top twenty Schools in the whole country, so academically it was great, but I repeat way too strict. What happens when you stick 1000 girls in a confined area with no outside contact except an occasional letter from home, or if you were lucky, a cute boyfriend who played rugby in another school...hmmm...I digress. What happens, is girls go crazy!!! ...more

Soooo We Caught our 14 Year Old Son With Chew!

    Well who would have thought that we, parents of the year would make the unsettling discovery that our 14 year old son would be caught with chew? Considering our year of parenting teen firsts this somehow came as a great big surprise to my husband and I. As with all of the crazy stuff that our kids have done as of late, this was one of those things that you NEVER would have expected especially from Luke. He has always been the golden child, the one who could do no wrong, the light at the end of the tunnel of teenage darkness. Well guess what?...more

Blogging: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Mr.MBA usually doesn't read my blog but sometimes on the occasional chance he gets curious and visits my little online world. This morning as we were eating breakfast we were having a discussion about his broken nose. He looked at me curiously, "You are not going to blog about this are you?" "No! I'll leave your poor nose alone." "Good!" He then looked at me, "You know I'm thinking I might have to begin thinking before I speak. Maybe I should trademark everything I say?" "Why?" "Well! If you are going to keep mentioning me in your blog." ...more

I have read many of your posts and they tend to focus on art. They are wonderful! However, a lot ...more

The Ruffle Conspiracy

I noticed something a few months ago, around the same time that a good friend of mine noticed the same thing.  Something that is very, very, very wrong.  Something that was still wrong when I was out again yesterday.  Something that clearly points to a conspiracy.We'd both been looking for clothes for the new Spring/Summer season, for ourselves.  Which is just weird to begin with since both of us tend to buy our kids far more than we ever get for ourselves.  Neither of us had much luck.  So much for good intentions.  ...more

Rapture Day! Time to Celebrate with Mimosas and Chocolate!

As Rapture day quickly approaches and we all prepare for the final end of life as we know it! I've been I find preparing a few rapture day carols and some final day baking. I want to be ready for the party! However, if by chance that I don't get selected by our higher power and am forced to roast in the eternal fires of hell then at least I will have comfort in my two favorite things Mimosas and chocolate. I feel kinda nervous about this whole day...I mean it's like high school basketball all over again. What if I'm the last girl to get picked? Or, what if I don't get picked? ...more


Being taught as a major subject from 1st grade elementary to college, most Filipinos master the English language that they can speak this universal tongue so fluently by the time they reach 6th grade. They also know the 8 Parts of Speech and can properly identify the use of verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, et al. Most of them write better than speaking the language....more

I dug up treasure yesterday (literally)

Ooh, I forgot to tell you. I'm like a bloody pirate I am (except that I don't wear an eye-patch or have a wooden leg or parrot). You know that in recent weeks, I have spent quite a lot of time in London getting my house ready for sale? Well, yesterday I was in the garden digging a very big hole in readiness for a very big bush (crikey, that sounds like a euphemism), when all of a sudden my spade encountered something hard (woof). ...more

It looks like I may be finally leaving London........................

As you know, three weeks ago I made the decision to sell my London house and live permanently (well for the next couple of years at least) in a small village in the Oxfordshire countryside. Yep, I was turning my back on the bright lights and big city ..... because ...... well it's obvious isn't it? ............ fields and roadkill are so much more interesting. Actually, I had better not delve into that rationale too much or I might change my mind (again). ...more

If your potential buyers are British - I'd barter :) Just couch it in Brit-friendly terms about ...more

It's like a horror movie round at my house.....

I felt like Jack Nicholson from 'The Shining' this weekend (except that I haven't got a beard... well not much of one anyway). 'What are you banging on about?' I hear you cry. Well, it's like this; for some reason my daughter Izzy had taken a shine to a tricycle she found in the garage. Not only that, despite it being way too small for her, she had been manically riding it around in the garden just like the weird kid from 'The Shining'.   ...more