My dog smelt like a decomposing rat. I had to do something

Today I finally decided that I needed to give Naughty George a bath. After all, it had been a few years, and my five-year-old daughter Izzy had got to the stage where she wouldn't eat inside the house because he honked so much. ...more

LOL! It takes them ages to build up the scent of Eau de Muck, and then we destroy it in one ...more

Way Down Upon the Crazy River

I blog on, which is endorsed, or co-founded by Brooke Burke (ya think I should know this?) and each time I write a post or check to see if anyone's commented on my posts, her banner comes up with her in a bikini, advertising a new waist thinner called Baboosh Baby Unisex Waist Trimmer. Not for nothing but does she really need to be Babooshed? And do I really need to see a picture of her when I'm writing about my ass spreading because I'm sitting and writing too much? The answer is no. No, I don't. ...more

Bunny Suicides: Why The Cadbury Eggs Are Offing Themselves

I mean, really. What is there to say other than the fact that each year I find the Cadbury Creme Egg suicides (video below) completely disturbing. and hilarious. And disturbing....more

Smart-Stoopid is the New Skinny-Fat

Skinny-fat.  You've heard the term?  It's when you fit into your skinny jeans but you barely have enough muscle to pull them up over your tiny rear end....more

Maybe I'm Not the Marrying Kind?

Part of separation is figuring out if I want to be married at all, to anyone, ever....more

All in a Date's Work

The internet has generously provided many ways for us to get our geek on and here’s one more. Follow these five steps when online dating and you’ll be well on your way to hooking a hottie....more

Give a Dog a Bone

It all began on a wet and muddy Spring day, when Bojangles was given a bone.  Now, this wasn't just any old bone, (as Bojangles instinctively knew) this was a fresh, raw, meaty bone that needed extra special attention.   Being the thoughtful, clever doggie that he is, Bojangles didn't settle in to clean off his bone as most normal dogs would.   No... Bojangles knew this bone had to be preserved and savoured.  It had to be aged, and soiled, and become rank with that oh-so-wonderful scent that dogs love.   So......more

I have a new policy firmly in place - No More Bones! Squeeky toys are much more house (and bare ...more

Money Money Money

I hate money. I hate thinking about it, managing it, saving it, spending it, giving it away, transferring it, allocating it, investing it, losing it, negotiating for it, and laundering it (just kidding: I might like laundering it if I knew how...). But somewhere early in my relationship with Matt (very premarriage), I glimpsed his approach to money management—a not-so-neatly stacked pile of shoeboxes in the back of a closet containing mostly unopened utility bills—and realized it was not his forte....more

My midlife sabbatical: DAY 1

Why start writing today? Because -  right now - I’m about to take a huge risk and hopefully change the course of my life. I just quit my job to take what I'm calling a midlife sabbatical. I'm veering off the planned  "path" that Corporate America sucks you into. And I'm scared. So why did I quit? I'm burnt out, work-wise. My husband had open-heart surgery eight months ago and I decided life is just too short to stay on the same path that is no longer making me happy. The balance of life turned on me in some way....more

So glad to read your post. I just posted about the same thing! Your post makes me feel less ...more

I'd probably sleep more if I was expecting a visit from the Wrinkle Fairy

The Easter Bunny will be dropping by to fill my daughter's basket this year. Judging by our conversation tonight, it will probably be the last year. "Mama, in a way the Easter Bunny is better than Santa because kids don't have to stress about how good they've been. I mean he doesn't bring Nintendos or anything. It's just candy." Hm. She's right. ...more

The kids think they have the house wired :O They are always much better behaved closer to Easter...more