17 Things You Probably Say That You Didn’t Know Were Racist

This is mainly directed at other white people.  Just putting that out there upfront.Btw this article doesn’t even scratch the surface, so if you have more, please share them in the comments below!...more

friday favorites: the internet wins again

It's Friday morning, there's a cool breeze humidity outside, and we've got zero plans ahead for the weekend.  ^^^All those things combined up there make a pretty freaking great Friday, if I do say so myself....more

Why can't I just replace my well-worn sandals

I never intended to get every last penny out of my favorite pair of sandals, it just happened....more


  Back in March, I remember sitting in the dark of B's room during one of our many late night rendezvous, counting how many months I had left of my maternity leave. Five. Well, five and a little bit. How was it even possible that I had a six month old already? And what could I do to make those next five months really count? I sat for a moment to peacefully contemplate all the possibilities that lay before me. Just kidding. I had a mini panic attack. ...more

The Lasagna Experience.

Remember when you almost burned the house down the last time you tried boiling water? Or when you made crunchy rice? Or turned mashed potatoes into soup? ...more

Whatever you do, don't get old.

Imagine if you were invited to speak at an event, and no one came. Or perhaps, for better or worse, just maybe, everyone came? ...more

Chuck Here

I am cookinginthejungle.com...more

Startling Honeymoon Realization: I'm an Old Man at Heart

You know when women simper and say, “Oh, I’m just a child at heart…”It’s usually to explain why they still like coloring books, or as part of an attempt to convince a date they’re not boring. If a man says it, it’s usually to preface some pointless/reckless act, like jumping a motorcycle over something.Well, I just realized that I’m the complete opposite of this.I am an old man at heart.It was kind of a startling realization, especially considering I came to it over our honeymoon, but I’m actually pretty comfortable with the classification. Why?...more