How to teach a preschooler to trace alphabets in 40 easy steps

This is my take on how to teach a preschooler to trace alphabets, all in 40 easy ;) steps. One disclaimer though: This is meant to be a funny piece, enjoy and don't take it too seriously!...more

12 Things I've Learned in 12 Years as a Parent

This month marks my “Mamaversary”, the anniversary of when I became a mom. My son turns 12 and I can’t help but look back in wonder at the last dozen years of parenting and reminisce about all that I’ve learned.Nor can I refuse the urge to share with you all that I’ve learned. Here are my words of wisdom, the 12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years as a Parent:...more
I like #9. It's been 18 years for me and I think most of the time I had no idea what I was ...more

A Letter to Boys 1 and 2...

Dear Boys 1 and 2We've "successfully" reached the 6 week mark of the summer holidays…3 more to go and so far we are all largely unscathed.  However, I thought I would just make a few observations which could help the last 3 weeks go even more smoothly (if "smoothly" is the most appropriate adverb)  than the last 6 weeks....more

Smoking in the Jungle

I am ...more

Living in Costa Rica and starting a blog at 62.

As I sit on this 300 year old fountain and contemplate my 1 month old Blog, I sure can see I have learned a lot of new things. First off, I know it's about time, But I have learned to cut and paste. Like, 6 times now. If nothing else, this blog stuff is really good for my brain. Best part. I am having fun, I always talk about food anyway. I am always thinking about what I am going to cook next. Like last night I was craving something sweet. I was thinking, I could bake something, it was kinda late so I thought maybe banana bread so we could have it for breakfast....more

The Eviction One minute they love each other and can't get enough of their brothers/sisters and the next minute World War III begins and over the silliest things like looking at each other. It's just crazy which makes this story SO MUCH better. First, I should tell you that K LOVES her brothers...most of the time......more

Think Before You Make Personal Attacks on the Internet

No one wants to be the raving lunatic because no one listens to crazy. Sure, you can verbally spar with some nimrod that's either baiting you into it or completely oblivious, but where's the point in that? After it's over, all you'll have left is a record of how easily you can lose your cool available online. ...more

Home Sweet Homeschool

So now there are three. Three homeschooled teens out of five total kiddos. Evan and PJ LOVED traditional high school, and thrived there. Indeed, had they chosen to homeschool I cannot say if they—or I—would have survived the experience. Both boys were wont to procrastinate about assignments until zero hour (or beyond). When Evan was in fifth grade, he completely blew off a book report, a diorama affair involving shoeboxes, construction paper and glue. Not only did he not make his diorama, he didn’t even bother to read the book. To teach him a lesson, I marched him into class, empty-handed....more

Life is a Beach

There is nothing (and I mean nothing) like the silence when people you adore leave the house after a good visit, and you are left all alone. In a family our size, this happens with regularity, and I’m still not used to it....more


It is a new month, my friends! And therefore, it is a new energy. As Lena Stevens so descriptively refers to it in The Monthly Forecast for August, this month is kind of like "the after party" to July. Party/shit show... Eh, same thing. ...more