Reading Orson Scott Card Again

I have loved Ender's Game and all the Ender books by Orson Scott Card. My husband read   the books to me over a good span of time. The character of Ender was so complex and intriguing as was Card's visions of the future. There was great humanity in the books. Well, now I am at it again. I am reading (this time to myself) Pathfinder, the first book about Rigg and Ram, also well developed characters. This time we are colonizing, and have colonized another planet. There is much time travel in this series, and you have to keep your wits about you....more

100 Words: The future can wait

When I was a kid, it felt as though time passed by excruciatingly slowly. I was forever looking forward with great anticipation to something or other... Christmas, birthdays, summer vacation, growing up... and to me, these events were an agonizing lifetime away. Now, as an adult, I wish I still had that perception. Though time actually passes at the same speed as it always did, it feels as though my days, weeks, months, and even years fairly race past in a frenzied blur of happenings and changes. As a child, I longed for the future. Now, the future can wait. ...more

The Cable Television Industry: Where it's Been and Where it's Going

Cable television has come a long way in the last few decades. From few subscribers and channels to hundreds of stations and millions of subscribers, it’s shocking to see the changes. With so many offerings, it’s interesting to look at the humble beginnings of cable television. On top of that, we need to consider where it’s going in the future....more

Group Blog?

BlogHer – NaBloPoMo – March 2014Thursday, March 13, 2014 Have you ever been part of a group blog? Tell us about your experience.~~~~~~~~I don’t think I have ever been part of a group blog; I’m not really sure I know what a group blog is. I still have a lot to learn about the blogging world.I do enjoy being part of a group on LinkedIn. There are several groups on LinkedIn that I follow....more

Will you be blogging ten years from now?

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Tuesday, March 11, 2014: Do you think you'll still be blogging 10 years from now? ...more

Blast From the Past: 7 Items We Can't Live Without That Weren't Around 50 Years Ago

When you stop to consider how much has changed in the last 50 years, it’s pretty amazing. In a middle-aged person’s lifetime, they have seen drastic improvements in technological advancements, which have helped increase productivity, communication, and more....more

my little fruit trees

I came across this quote yesterday on reminded me of my littles so much I almost got weepy reading it....more

Dear M of the Future

your dad and i love you very much and we don’t even know you yet.we want everything in your life to be amazing.we know that you will not want us around all the time,but just know this:we are doing everything we possibly can to make sure that when you grow up, you will make the best decisions possible.  everything that we tell you, remember.everything that we give you, cherish.your dad and i will not always be around to push you in the right direction...more

It’s in The Bag: The Future of Shopping

There are many trends making it more and more challenging to sell and making bargains easier and easier to find. The competition is really heating up and it’s going to change shopping both online and off. What do you need to do to keep up with your competition?...more

Ouija, What Does My Future Hold?

We watched the final episode of the season of  Downton Abby.  A running theme through out the show involves a Ouija board.   The game is played below stairs by the servants, of course....more