When Kids Make Up Games: The No Pants Game

If you have kids, you know they have fun making up their own games all the time. No one really understands the rules, but if they kids are having fun, it usually doesn't matter. You know your kid will probably "win" at whatever this game is, because they've rigged their game that way. Today, my boys were playing as I was folding laundry, and I learned a fun lesson about when kids make up games. Mainly, if you don't want to know, don't ask....more

in the land of legos

Originally published on KalySullivan.com When I walk into my basement, which looks like an inner circle of Lego purgatory with half finished abandoned creations, overturned bins, loose pieces covering every inch of floor, I have the intense urge to brand the word sucker right across my forehead. We have too many Legos.* ...more

Games You Can Play When Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids is always difficult. There are so many things that you have to remember and the truth is that children are really tough to entertain for longer period of time. When driving, everything is quite complicated because of the duration of most holiday travels....more

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam Profile:http://www.beautylifegeek.com/gundam-collection/2014/11/6/zgmf-x09a-justice-gundam  Blog: www.beautylifegeek.com...more

New Dungeons & Dragons Rules Embrace Diverse Gender Identities, Sexual Orientation

Yep, I'm that kind of geek. I first played Dungeons & Dragons — the original edition — back in high school in the early 80s. Now my son plays. I was thrilled, therefore, to discover that the new version of D&D, which officially launches next week, is clearly and deliberately inclusive of a diverse range of gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations....more

You Are Officially Old: Tetris Turns 30 Today

I've been struggling a little bit with turning 40 this week, by which I mean I've been dragging my body through the kitchen while I cook dinner moaning things like, "I'm turning all corpse-y." But nothing has made me feel older than finding out that today is the 30th anniversary of Tetris. ...more
uppoppedafox BlogHer so many shapes, so little time.more

What We Could Learn From Our Kids

There has been one story recently that grabbed my attention. It affected me deeply. Something about it made me thinking why don’t we take our little kids seriously?Why do we tend to call their ideas and fantasies childish and never listen to them?...more

Actual Rules from "The Game of Life" vs. Actual Life

Do you remember playing the Game of Life, as a kid? Remember the little plastic cars and the pink and blue people pegs? Remember when you still had a chance to win? If you knew then what you know now,you would have stayed in Candy Landand let the adults assemble as required. ...more

Jumping Jacks

There was a little girl who liked to play jacks. Playing jacks was the best. She could play by herself and have fun, or she could play with a friend or several friends. There were different variations of the game, continue reading ...more

Game Theory

Want to play a game? Sure you do! We like games, don’t we? First, we need to decide what kind of games we like or otherwise it won’t be much fun.Me, I’ve never been a fan of “Risk.” I can see very plainly that others enjoy this game very much (Putin comes to mind) and it’s still on the shelves so somebody is buying it. It’s just not my kind of game. I guess winning isn’t worth the effort to me. (Same thing with Chess. Apparently I’m not the conquering type.) ...more