Best Narendra Modi Games

ABOUT NARENDRA MODI Mr. Narendra Modi is well known to everyone. He is the present Honorable Prime Minister of India. Though he started his career from a tea shop, he had grown up to this level through a vigorous hard work and sacrifices.  Once governed Gujarat as Chief Minister, He belongs to the BJP, a political party in India. He has a wonderful capability of handling situations in both domestic and international affairs....more


 oceanofgames  is a website that provides free games for computers and laptop. Millions of users accesses this website to find out the favorite game. This website contains many games of different types.Ocean of games: categories...more

Mini militia new version

 Day by day the craze for mini militia keeps on increasing and every month lots of new updates are available to spice up the game. In the mini militia new version, we will find the following updatesHealth notification bar update...more

Top 4 Girl Games To Enjoy Over The Festive Period

Christmas will be here very soon, and as the nights get darker and the weather colder, there is never a better time to sit back and enjoy some great games. If you’re a girl, then these ideas and recommendations are sure to cure your boredom this holiday. Lets’ begin.1)      The Sims 4...more

Learning how to play at recess

Every evening at dinner I like to ask my son what he did at school. If I am lucky, I will ask the specific enough question to get him to tell me about an actual event that happened (instead of getting the "I don't know" or "it was good" stock answer). I love it when he tells me about his day, and it is worth it to figure out the right series of questions to get him to talk about it - suddenly a whole world of information will come out of him and I get lots of insights....more

Gaming Addiction, NaBloPoMo Day 18

"Addicted"Do you have a collection of games on your iPad?  I do.  They're a major distraction.  And, just when I tell myself "no more!" I see an ad for another game that looks interesting, and I have a new obsession for a while....more

When Kids Make Up Games: The No Pants Game

If you have kids, you know they have fun making up their own games all the time. No one really understands the rules, but if they kids are having fun, it usually doesn't matter. You know your kid will probably "win" at whatever this game is, because they've rigged their game that way. Today, my boys were playing as I was folding laundry, and I learned a fun lesson about when kids make up games. Mainly, if you don't want to know, don't ask....more

in the land of legos

Originally published on When I walk into my basement, which looks like an inner circle of Lego purgatory with half finished abandoned creations, overturned bins, loose pieces covering every inch of floor, I have the intense urge to brand the word sucker right across my forehead. We have too many Legos.* ...more