Training My Brain

There is something I do everyday on the computer.Even the days I am on a Computer Fast I do this.I play Luminosity games....more

The Games of Youth

BULL RUSHING MY CHILDHOOD When I was a young girl, my parents built their first (and only) home in a freshly developed  neighborhood with freshly developed people.Everything was buttoned-up, shiny, and happyhappyhappy. Most of the Moms stayed home (not mine) and the Dad's went to work (not often enough). ...more

I Hurt Myself Playing Candy Crush

I woke up one day last week and couldn’t move my thumb. My left hand throbbed, and the base of my thumb especially felt like it had been crushed in a door. At first I thought I’d slept on it and the pain would subside quickly. But instead of getting better, over hours, then days, the pain got worse....more
@LauraCC4Life123 Oh my, you are hooked! Just give those fingers a break now and then.more

Make Your Own Back to School Bingo Game

With back to school right around the corner, making the transition from summer break to a back to school mind-frame can be tough. But, there are some creative ways to get the kids’ heads back in the game....more
@txfamilyof7  Thanks for sharing. Yes, Bingo is a fan-fave with the little ones.more

Restaurant Game

Last night I was supervising at work and like most nights when I supervise I was bored out of my mind. The restaurant was slow and everyone else was bored as well so I knew it was time for me to step up to my position and do something really supervisory. And so was born the Restaurant Game....more

Toys That “DO” and Toys That Don’t

Have you ever thought if there is a connection between Toys that do a lot and your child not doing much? As a mother when I see my child playing, with a toy or any object that she is pretending to be a toy – I almost always wonder what’s going on in her mind. What is she thinking or imagining....more
I completely agree. I get so tired of "mommy this needs batteries" LIke REALLY? Can't it just ...more

11 summer-fun activity to do at home for toddlers

Looking for summer fun activities for your toddler, especially those which can be easily done at home?  Here is a list of 11 fun toddler activities that would keep your child engaged and in the process develop their sensory and motor skills.   1.  Playing with Bubbles  ...more

Preschool Pointers - 23: Starting and Exiting Games

Problem:Your kids want to play with you. All the time. Their games are simply more fun if you're there, on the floor, a willing participant to their madness. And who can blame them? After all, you're pretty rad. And playing with your kids is pretty important. I remember, even as an older kid, the treat it was when we could convince our parents to take part in one of our games. It lent the whole thing legitimacy, made it special. But how many hours can you spend on the floor playing "Rapunzel" with your old scarf? There must be a happy medium....more

Hottest List For Christmas

Donetta Sifford...more


Brad and I play a silly little game called 1234. The rules are simple. Two times a day the clock reads 12:34 and the first person to text it or point it out to the other is the winner, imaginary points are awarded. I hate losing at this game and sometimes I take extreme measures in order to win except most of the time they never work.Current time: 1:34pmmy text: 134 - (I know, I have no idea what I was thinking either. It's been awhile since I have been able to win so I was grasping)...more