Doing the "Dizzie Lizzie"

Doing the “Dizzie Lizzie”My favorite memories of recess, the ones that stand out the most anyway, are also associated with pain. The playground at my old elementary school consisted of a large grassy area, a blacktopped square with a basketball goal, and a sandy area with monkey bars and a balance beam that stood about knee high. There was a swing set with three or four swings, but most of the time, only one or two were operative. (Chain broke, seat broke, big mud puddle beneath, etc.)   ...more

Revival of the Ladies' Bridge Luncheon

[Editor's Note: Maggy Simony was born in Brooklyn in 1920 and spent most of her life raising a family on Long Island. She's also lived in Southern California, San Francisco, New Hampshire, England and Berlin, just after WWII. When her husband died fairly young (age 54), she took up writing....more
My mother-in-law belongs to three ladies bridge clubs; her group has kept their clubs going for ...more


I am making a confession here. I have to admit, hard as it is, that I am an addict and Sunday evening I went cold turkey. My addiction is known by many, many people and I've tried very hard to hide it but now it is time to confess. My addiction was playing Farmville! Yes, I am an addict, or former addict. I had all the different farms, the Home farm, Winter Wonderland, English Farm, Lighthouse Farm, yes I was addicted to harvesting cows, trees, hatching eggs, harvesting crops. It was very sad that I was spending more than an hour or two a day playing that stupid game....more

Five Days of Giveaways!

It's gonna be a great five days!  From January 1-5 you can visit the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win some fabulous stuff!  Come on over and see today's preview post. ...more
What a lovely blog full of amazing work! I'm glad I stumbled upon your page in my browsing =D ...more

Political Boredom?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! What's the price for this one and at whose cost?...more

Toddler Tricks - 57: Make it Last

Problem: The older your toddlers get, it seems the shorter their attention span becomes. One would presume the opposite, but either we're expecting more from them as parents, or they're louder about their boredom / less willing to go along with the grown ups plan just because. But I know I don't really want to break out the sidewalk chalk only to have to put it away 30 seconds later to get out the Play Doh only to have to put it away 30 seconds later to get out the bubbles. That's a lot of taking out and putting away for very little payoff. I'm not into it....more

Win a Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3

Hi everyone! We're giving away a Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3 (a rated Mature game) on here!  It's a great giveaway and perfect for a gift for yourself or others!  <3 Trina FintonCEO/FounderGamingAngels.comFast Company Top Women in Gaming 2010Xbox MVP 09, 10, 11...more

Seeing Gaming in a New Light: Games for Change Festival 2011

I just got back from New York City for my first visit to the Games for Change Festival. In its eighth year, this year’s festival was held on June 20-22 at New York University.  I wasn’t able to attend the entire conference, but thanks to live streaming I caught most of the Tuesday talks I would have missed otherwise.  (You can watch the archives of the live stream, too!)...more

Let's see,
1- I'm a retired teacher
2- I'm a SXSW regular and have seen both Jane McGonigal ...more

Teaching through Toys

"Where are we going today?" asks my husband in a deep voice while holding the Superman doll."Swimming! The beach!" the babies shout."Okay then. Let's get in the car. Come on, Supergirl! Get in the car!" My husband switches to a falsetto. "No, I want mommy to strap me in. No no no. Crying. Waaaaah. I'm going to cry!"The babies look up, confused."No, Supergirl. Mommy doesn't have to always strap you in. Sometimes Daddy straps you in. If you are going to cry, we'll just stay home. Okay, fine. We're staying home.""No!" the babies shout. "Go beach!...more

Toys That Aren't Toys

Toys overflowing the toybox. Toys all over the floor. Toys in the corners of the room. Toys downstairs. Toys upstairs. Toys blocking the stairs. Toys under the couches. Toys, toys, toys. But you know what's more interesting than toys? Things that are not toys.   Sometimes, my toddlers are just plain bored with every one of their millions of toys. There's not one of them that can hold their interest for more than a few moments. Bored, bored, bored, they say. Actually, to me it sounds more like, wah, waaah, waaaaahhhhhh!...more