Toys That Aren't Toys

Toys overflowing the toybox. Toys all over the floor. Toys in the corners of the room. Toys downstairs. Toys upstairs. Toys blocking the stairs. Toys under the couches. Toys, toys, toys. But you know what's more interesting than toys? Things that are not toys.   Sometimes, my toddlers are just plain bored with every one of their millions of toys. There's not one of them that can hold their interest for more than a few moments. Bored, bored, bored, they say. Actually, to me it sounds more like, wah, waaah, waaaaahhhhhh!...more

Moment of the Week - 44; Gone Fishin'

Toddler twins learn to fish for the first their living room.

Hold That Tiger!

Mia M. Jackson •  Sideline Pass • Up close and sporty! In 1995, Tiger Woods played his first U.S. Open and withdrew due to injury. Since his start, he's won the tournament and won it decisively. He won his first U.S. Open in 2000 with a score of 12-under-par, the lowest score relative to par ever posted in the major tournament. To date, his only the 5th player in history to lead the U.S. Open tournament from start to finish....more

Anatomy of a 13th Birthday Party

Live-In #1 turned 13 this week.  For her 13th birthday she wanted to have a big birthday party with friends from different areas of her life in attendance.  She invited 24 girls and 18 came - for a total of 19 girls, two brothers and a toddling niece!! ...more

The Long Weekend Survival Guide!

The Long Weekend Survival Guide!Just in time for the slight gas price decrease, the long weekend is here! May Two-Four, also known as “open the cottage weekend”, is the perfect way to kick off the summer! If you’re form the GTA, it looks like our recent rainy streak might just clear up in time for you to hit the cottage and try out your boat, hammock, or bbq.Here’s my guide to surviving the long weekend:Style:...more

Let's Pretend to Go to the Grocery Store

As the world slowly opens up to toddlers, their imaginations start to take hold. All of the knowledge and experiences they process everyday come out during lulls in their real adventures. It's magical to see.Still, my husband and I have noticed that the twins don't like to let their imaginations run too far just yet....more

DIY Toys... Secret Mommy Moment on EMM

Kimberly... is the mother of two gorgeous boys and the wife of a wonderful man. She is fluent in cloth diapering, homemade baby food, baby wearing, natural parenting, having fun, getting messy, playing games, drinking coffee....more

Easter Baskets are for More Than Just Chocolate

For children, looking in their basket at Easter is like looking under the tree at Christmas. So why not make it more than just Chocolate Bunnies and eggs. Here are a few “little” gift ideas for items that will fit perfectly in those Easter baskets…...more

Toddler Tricks - 31

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem: Your children won't go to bed. You've got a nice bed time routine going: they do the whole schpiel every night, but when it comes to actually walking into that bedroom, they refuse.  You don't want a major upset before bed, so you must trick them into going of their own voilition.Solution: Read More:...more

Moment of the Week - 30

Babies use a computer mouse as a stethoscope.  Aww.