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Toddlers love to talk, for the most part. They're always playing, and as their imaginations grow, they repeat scenarios over and over, much like an adult worrying, only their having fun. Another difference is that they do it out loud.I have found that these times are perfect opportunities to teach them some building blocks they'll need later. They think of it as a game, and an added bonus? It stops me from having to sing Dora songs to them in a public store.Read More:...more

At Mardi Gras: Playing a Simple Game with No Words, No Words.

When we think of playing games…we think of video games,  board games or card games.  We might  even think of more physical games, like hide and seek or hopscotch….or even the Olympic Games!  So, it was with great pleasure that the other night, Cece discovered a new game by watching two of her adult clients play it.  It was a very simple game that produced much joy for them!...more

Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. That's correct, my social media gaming friends. Achieve any extraneous life goals while you can. Pack a lunch and kiss your loved ones goodbye, because the scarily addictive little game of battling pigs and birds (who invented this and can I have some please?) is jumping off of your mobile device and onto your desktop. ...more

I splurged and got the Mac version from the App store. Now I not only play it on my iPhone but I ...more

Game Ideas for Your Irish Party

Whether celebrating St Patrick’s Day or considering your Irish roots at your next family reunion here are a couple of fun Irish game ideas. ...more

I am Barbie, hear me roar!

I am an American woman – not a baby boomer, not a Gen Xer -- I am of the Playskool generation. I learned long ago I am of the generation that began to play with mass produced, mass marketed toys designed to teach and encourage packaged imagination. I remember one of my top five toys as a child was my Playskool Schoolhouse. I always found it odd they chose to misspell "skool" in a series of learning toys.  It came with magnetic alphabet letters and a pop out metallic roof....more

Quiz: What's your brain IQ?

March is National Brain Awareness Month so I'll be posting a lot of brain-related pieces. If you missed it last year, here's a brain quiz. You can get your answers and score immediately!:'s a good quiz if you're trying to learn more about dyslexia, ADHD and other learning struggles....more

Learn Through Play

 "I'm a frog, mama, I'm a frog...riddit, riddit...I need flies!"Cue two babies hopping around on all fours. Soon one of the frogs finds a toy dog on the floor."Uh oh!" she says. "Bad dog, bad dog, bite frog!""Oh no!" her sister yells. "No dog, no! Go away dog! No biting!"In an instant, one has gone from a frog to a dog and wreaks havoc upon her slimy friend."Mama, help me! Save me, save me!"The frog clambers up onto my lap, no longer a frog, but a simple victim of a dog attack."We're safe now," I say....more

Can your kid do this? Brain training company's contest winners

Brain training company LearningRx held this President's Day (Feb. 21) video contest. The mission was to have kids recite the presidents (yes, all of them!) from memory while dealing with a number of distractions or while performing another challenge. The results were truly amazing! There were kids reciting the presidents while they swam, did ballet, practiced baton, did gymnastics and hit baseballs flying at them (that kid didn't miss one ball!). The winner, 11-year-old Travis Coron, trained at LearningRx in Chester, New Jersey. Check out his speed stacking!  ...more

Moment of the Week - 26

At the park, we have a soccer superstar at age two, and a grown up swing pusher, also only two.  Amazing!

Hockey runs my show.

Hockey runs my show.All day, every day, for about eight months of the year.Practice. Events. Road trips. Games.Hell, even the off-season is somewhat consumed by hockey.Training. Dryland. Skating. Offers. (All that workout stuff is him, just so we're clear. I mean, who would I be kidding?)But let's talk about games ... game day. My best friend. My BFF....more