What curveball will you catch (or drop!) at your holiday party?

As our holiday open-house approached, I worried about what could go wrong. Disasters from events past haunted me. Some were simple like a goblet shattered on the deck or not having an empty vase for a hostess-gift-bouquet. Some were more awful: A neighbor over-imbibing and spilling shiraz on my professor or when I greeted a colleague at our meatatarian BBQ and remembered (too late!) that she's vegan. I never imagined that the evening's curveball would be a hit.......more

Motherly Advice

     I heard the bells...more

Parents Need to Understand Online Video Games Rather than Hate Them

In today's day and age, the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is the hottest trend in computer entertainment and they are only getting more interactive. Parents don't understand the extent of these games and instead of getting involved; they trash the whole idea and say that they ruining a child's life. As a gaming parent, I'm here to dismiss that myth. ...more

Game Face

My husband, Marc, is the youngest of three children.  Growing up, one of his siblings was fiercely competitive when it came to playing all games....more

Holiday Gift Guide: Do Tell Games

On Christmas Day at our house, we have a big birthday party for Jesus all day long.  We play games and have party foods. I know we'll enjoy playing the Do Tell Family Game that I reviewed earlier in the month (Do Tell Family Game Review) with everybody. Do Tell has another game, their Do Tell Original Version....more

The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Dating Game

Sometimes the dating world can be so complicated. Complicated because you have two people who are trying desperately to get to know each other while at the same time trying desperately to mask their own flaws. Each person is truly interested in the other, while at the same time hoping the other doesn’t get too interested in knowing about their past situations. So then there’s this game that’s played between the two of them called “don’t ask, don’t tell.” You don’t ask me about my past relationships, and I won’t tell you....more

Toddler Tricks - 11

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Once your baby sees her Halloween costume, she's not going to want to wear anything else.  Ever.  You don't want her to eat or sleep in it; you don't want parts lost or stained.  But it will be very difficult to save the costume for Halloween, itself.  Especially if your child goes to daycare or preschool.  They probably have already worn it at some party or parade. ...more

An open letter to parents and coaches: You are under surveillance

Related to my somewhat recent post about mothering in front of one's mother, while at several different kid sporting events today, I had occasion to reflect on something similar. It's not just my mother who is watching me. My kids are laser focused on me while I'm at their sporting events. And not just me, but every other parent there, and particularly parent-shaped coaches (my kids are young enough that all their coaches are parents of a player on their teams.)...more

Halloween Games for Kids

Part of the fun of Halloween is playing silly games.  When planning the games, it’s best to keep the costumes in mind and plan things that will work around them.  Games should be simple with easy to follow rules. Bobbing for Apples – A classic Halloween party game has always been bobbing for apples, however some kids don’t like putting their face in the water or don’t want to mess up the make up that took a long time to perfect.  One variation of this game is to tie the stems of the apples to varied lengths of string and then hang the...more