Call of Duty Black Ops Breakdown

Information on Call of Duty Black Ops. Description of new features it will include and an overview of the game....more

"Where is it Written?"

    It was a jaw-dropping moment this summer. They went ahead and ordained an orthodox Jewish female Rabbi in New York. What a first! Her name is Sara Hurwitz and thanks to Rabbi and teacher Avi Weiss, she is a full-fledged Rabbi, although the title officially given to her is “Rabba.”  It’s truly wonderful that this happened and hopefully it will happen again. If you want to read more, an article about Ms. Hurwitz was published this past July in New York Magazine, here....more

Control Freak: Tips for Safe and Happy Traveling with Kids

The Hesitant Step I have to admit I get a little panicky when it comes to flying, as I have mentioned in ...more

New Age Dress-ups

My Aunt looked after the twins today while my husband and I were doing school stuff with the fifteen year old. She reported this episode to us.4 year old: "What are know... those white things on ladies heads that go like this..."(makes flowing motion).Aunt: (after a few minutes of to-ing and fro-ing) "Oh, you mean a veil ... the ladies are brides".4 year old: "Yeah ... A whale. I really like those whales. They're so pretty...can I get one for me?"...more

Happy 4th of July!

Here are photos of our weekend as it unfolds...yesterday morning i hung up this flag inour front door and baby wanted to help...more

How to Make a Simple Sock Puppet

The weather’s heating up here in Southern California. We’re fortunate to live just a mere 20-minute drive above the valley below because temperatures easily pass 100 degrees daily in the summer. As you climb the mountain, you literally watch the temperature gauge in the car drop degree by degree, till you arrive at home. A decent 15-20 degrees cooler simply because we’re at 5,000 feet. But it still gets hot up here in the mountains....more

Great photos!

Did these sock puppets get names?

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The Car Color Car Game

After we moved to the country, Colby spent an entire year driving Bunny to her preschool in our old neighborhood.  On an average day, the commute was 45 minutes…on a bad day, well over an hour.  Bunny hated the commute.  For 1-½ hours five days a week she had to sit in the backseat of her Daddy’s car or truck, listening to CNBC and him talking markets on his phone.  She knows more honky-tonk, down on your luck, my dog died and my wife left me, kind of songs than most 5 year olds.&nb...more

Camping-Fountainbleau State Park--The Kind Nature Intended!

We are all set and ready to go!...more


You remember the movie TWISTER? And the town where Helen Hunt's aunt lived, Wakita? Right around there is currently getting pounded with severe baseball and softball sized hail and tornado ON THE GROUND (at least as of 10 minutes ago). There are HOOK ECHOES! There is CYCLONIC ACTIVITY! WALL CLOUDS! CIRCULATIONS! What does this mean?? IT IS TIME AT LAST to break out the annual GARY ENGLAND DRINKING GAME! ...more