3 Best Affordable Gaming Laptops 2017 Every Gamers Should Have

3 Best Affordable Gaming Laptops 2017How much affordable do you think an affordable laptop for gaming ? Does it cost under $700, $800, $1000 or even $2000? That say, we cannot really define how the word ‘affordable’ means as there will be lots of answers for that. Hence, let us get it clear that everything you will find in the following section is based on most people’s opinion about the budget laptops for gamers....more

Top 3 Female Gamers on Youtube

In a scene dominated by the male of the species, it is very easy to forget that that sniper that just took you out from the other side of the map or that player that humiliated you with a pistol, could very well be female....more

5 best video games you must play.

The video game industry has been revealing amazing products that make billions of dollars year after year. People love buying, selling, changing video games, and all the major game companies and game developers are always trying to be innovative and bring the best products to the market (since 1960, when the first video games were developed).Here are 5 best and recommended video games you must play and enjoy:...more

How Evil are Video Games Really?

It's all you hear about these days- children are becoming more aggressive because of earlier exposure to violence via video games, all children are becoming hopelessly addicted to their xboxs and play-stations, Satan lives in your console, etc etc. But how true is this? We've all had those moments when somebody beating you on the screen has us wanting to fling the controller out of the window- but for me personally that tends to be caused by Princess Peach streaking over the finish line a second before me. So just how bad are video games?...more

Mobile Education Games for Children

No more teachers, no more books is the siren song of summer, but chances are you'd prefer your kiddos hang onto at least a shred of their education over the warmer months. If you were born to homeschool you're all set. But if you look at the new math and cringe it pays to seek out some summertime support....more

A Response to the Utah State University's Lack of Protection for Anita Sarkeesian

Earlier this month Anita Sarkeesian was to speak at Utah State University about misogyny in gaming. This resulted in an email being sent out to several faculty members at the university stating that there was going to be a shooting if she was to speak. Anita Sarkeesian, like any sane person, asked the university to provide her with security. The university replied, saying that because Utah is a concealed carry state, could not provided added security because it is the citizens right to carry a firearm as long as they have a license....more

Warmachine Tournament

Warmachine Tournament May the odds be ever in your favor!  ~Suzanne Collins...more

Video Gaming While Grubbing: The best snacks for preoccupied hands

Yes, I have ovaries and LOVE playing my Xbox. Contrary to popular belief, these two events are not mutually exclusive. This post is dedicated to all gamers out there who've experienced the agony of being killed in an intense game of Call of Duty (or whatever your game of choice is) just because you decided to give into your hunger and risk everything by picking up a pretzel from the bowl a foot away. If you have suffered from this tragedy, do not fret, for this post will end your constant fear of going hungry while gaming....more

Why 'Games for Women' Has Given Me Rage Face

I grew up with video games.  My family wasn't wealthy, but my two older brothers and I saved our pennies and my father agreed to pitch in so we could buy our first gaming system: a TI-99/4A.  Image Credit: Quagmire's Photos via Flickr I played Parsec, Hunt the Wumpus, and Alpiner with the best of them. As time passed, we continued to save our pennies so we could upgrade our game systems and purchase more games. ...more
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