Hens And Chicks, The Succulent That Keeps On Giving

  It’s true, most succulents keep on giving in terms of the cuttings you’ll get, but Hens and Chicks really hit the mark on this one.  Just look at the picture and you’ll see tons of babies, or larger rosettes for that matter, just waiting to be cut out of the patch.  They’re easy to care for, require little water and actually make good houseplants....more

Sowing The Seeds Of (Garden) Love


Preparing For Our New Life On a Homestead

cristina sudoIt is now time for “the big move” and preparing for our new life on our homestead. Contracts have been signed, signatures added to multiple papers and the yes has been given to us  by the powers that be. We have questioned our sanity and have both agreed this IS insane to live in the mountains on 10 acres over 8,000 feet elevation, but it is what we want and what we have dreamed of for years now and the day is finally here! We now own a homestead on 10 acres! It is all ours to do as we wish!...more

The Lasagna Garden

Earth. Garden. Organic.Its not really a garden yet. More of a garden bed. Our Lasagna Garden. It's ready for the spring, even if it's only late November here in Southern Ontario....more

When the flowers do the birds and the bees

      My flowers are desperately trying to get themselves knocked up. Shield your eyes, little children. This is full frontal (well, more like sideways, really) floral sex....more

Memories of Longmeadow

Once upon a time there was a house, located in a valley, on a street named Longmeadow Drive. A house surrounded with beauty by nature and the toil of hands. This house was a haven for the occupants and in addition ...more


What are you planting in your garden? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more