Talking to Plants – You are Not Nuts

Do you enjoy talking to your plants? Well, if you decide to openly state this in front of your friends or family, you might get a lot of jokes. For most people such statement might sound ridiculous, however, when it comes to facts and not just simple chit-chat – things become a little bit more complex and slightly different. But let's see why you are not nuts, when you talk to plants. Anyway, when the plants start talking back to you... well, then you have a problem....more

Dangers of Pesticides and Gardening.

   Pesticides can pose a great risk to  you and your family. Not using pesticides can cause great risk to  your crops. What is it that you can do to make the right choice for you and your family? First off we have to look at what a pesticide is....more

Prolific fruit the very first year!

I have been researching new fruit to try out in our community garden.  I think I may have found the perfect option.  It is bothered by no pests or diseases.  It produces up to 300 fruit per plant.  It is easy to determine when it is fact if falls off the plant and just needs to be scooped up!  All of that and it will store for 3 months!  Oh yeah and one more variety tastes like pineapple.  It can be eaten fresh, made into jam or frozen.  To me this sounds like a perfect addition to our garden....more

Warm Season Vegetable list

I had mentioned before that making a garden plan is a good idea. While you still have time to make a plan for you warm season vegetables, it is always a good idea to plan ahead....more

Plot Early: Make a Garden Plan

With winter dragging on, and the days slipping by quickly, being prepared may just give you the biggest yield of your garden. If you are a first time gardener, or your past few years have been difficult, you will need to make a garden plan. You do not need to have a complex garden plan, just a simple outline of what is being planted, where at in the garden, and around what time....more
Great post! I have a community garden plot, and I love it. Granted, it is always a work in ...more

Raised beds in your garden.

Raised beds are a wonderful use of land. Maybe you only have a small backyard and you want to grow fifteen pounds of tomatoes. Perhaps you have poorly draining soil. Or maybe you just do not like weeds in your garden. A raised bed can help you do all of this....more

How to make a self-watering pot.

Self-Watering pots are great. Your plant will have water as it needs it, and extra water will be easily and effectively drained out. Here are the materials that you will need....more

Christmas Cactus

‘Tis the Season for Christmas CactiChristmas cacti are a very unusual gift if you think about it. A tropical, spiky plant normally does not conjure up ideas of reindeer or Santa Claus. However, for some reason, they caught on. These plants...more

Gardening Tools You Need

I have been building my tools and items that I have for gardening. Today I thought that it would be a neat idea to talk about some tools that every gardener needs. These are the basic tools. While a Hori-Hori is a great tool to have, to get started in gardening, you wont need this. I’m talking about simple easy tools, or things that you can fashion until you can get something better. With out any more talk, let us get down to it....more

What to do in Winter P2

What to do in Winter P2 : Everyday garden...more