Backyard Drainage

Reclaimed HomeThe Rockaway house has been finished and occupied for a few months now, but there’s still some important items that I’ve been ignoring while I take a much needed break from renovations....more

Five ways to ripening garden tomatoes

With shorter days and colder nights in the Pacific Northwest, it's time to make sure your tomatoes get ripe so you can enjoy them in salads and in cooking....more

The Girls Next Door

Our neighbors across the street have two adorable little girls. The other day we were hanging out in their yard and the girls were showing off their vegetable garden. They had some ripe tomatoes and picked a few for the boys to sample. Talk about peer pressure, even Liam and Dylan popped a few in their mouths. As we were heading back to our house the girls proudly presented us with one of their cucumbers....more

Practical Garden Art

Gigi and I spent this weekend beautifying our veggie patch and building a worm farm. We have bit of variety in our garden now and I've been thinking a lot about garden markers. I've seen some very lovely ones on etsy and made-it but have wanted to make some myself in the spirit of living simply and being frugal. I saw an inspiring picture on the Internet and thought it would be a great activity for Gigi and I to do together. We collected a variety of smooth rocks of varying size from a nearby river and spent the morning painting them....more

Wild strawberries.

I just love wild strawberries. Especially when really are growing somewhere I didn't expect them to, and shows up as a pleasent surprise along the route.Those on the picture are mine. They did actually grow in the lawn, and where never able to bear fruit because the flowers where cut whith the grass. I just took a couple of plants and put them in to my own flower-bed.They have the real taste of summer :-)...more

Is your garden drowning in doodlebugs? I think I've won the bugger war (no apologies to OSC; he doesn't deserve it).

      You can call them pillbugs, or roly-poly's, or woodlice, or sow bugs (there's another kind that looks just like a doodlebug, but the bugs I'm talking about are the roll into a little ball kind). I've always felt quite friendly towards these little guys. You gently pat one, it rolls into a ball, it's non-stop good times for poor kids (at least it was for me). ...more

Shasta Daisies!

I love these little guys - so cheerful! ...more

It's a tie...

When someone asks me what my favorite time of the year is, I have to admit that it is a tie between Spring and Fall.  Spring brings renewed life and the bright greens of new growth.  Bright, happy flowers opening up to get their fill of sunshine.  The whole season always brings to mind passages from one of my favorite books from my childhood...The Secret Garden.  References to checking to see if the plantings are "wick" always pop into my head when wandering around the yard this time of year....more

Container Gardening: 5 Things You Need To Know!

1. Choose the right soilTo create a successful container garden, it is important that the right potting soil is selected....more

Talking to Plants – You are Not Nuts

Do you enjoy talking to your plants? Well, if you decide to openly state this in front of your friends or family, you might get a lot of jokes. For most people such statement might sound ridiculous, however, when it comes to facts and not just simple chit-chat – things become a little bit more complex and slightly different. But let's see why you are not nuts, when you talk to plants. Anyway, when the plants start talking back to you... well, then you have a problem....more