How Does Your Garden Grow?

I've been posting a lot about death recently, so let's try to focus on life...We've had our home about a year now.  I think I've mentioned before that the prior owners didn't do a whole lot of upkeep.  Here's the main "valley view" area on the side of the house when we first looked at the property......more

Longwood Gardens

My husband was working all day on my birthday this year. To make up for my lonely day he took me to a local arboretum called Longwood Gardens the day after my birthday. The gardens were developed by Pierre du Pont in 1907. Pierre du Pont is part of the du Pont family that started the Du Pont corporation that specializes in scientific innovations and whatnot. You've probably seen the logo on something related to cars or trucks before....more

Gardening with Kids

 Grocery ShoppingAre you planning a trip to the grocery store or farmers market this weekend? If so, take your kids, make it a field trip! Spend some extra time in the produce department looking at the vegetables your family likes to prepare for mealtime. Hold the vegetables, weigh the vegetables. Which vegetables do you enjoy the best with your family? Which vegetables do your kids like to eat?Garden Center...more

My Whimsical Garden Is Flourishing Green

What a delight it is to care for my garden, whimsical and flourishing green. Though in the brilliant heat of the sun I stand and squat and kneel and reach, happiest I am when I water and weed. Here, within my whimsical, green garden, I feel that much closer to God’s heart; for here I have found my oasis, long-overdue rest for my tired and parched spirit. Amidst my flourishing green garden, I see the beauty of God’s artistry, and I answer to His call to rest. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28....more
 @ropcorn You are very welcome, Alexandra, and thank YOU for your visit. It is always so very ...more

Garden Produce

Baby cucumbers and baby tomatoes...and it's only the first of May.  I took a risk to plant early and look what I got. ...more


Good Monday morning everyone!  Last week as I sat in my air chair on our new patio I was trying to focus my camera on the bird feeder when out of the corner of my eye a brown blur rushed right in front of me.  ...more

A Gardening We Will Go...

Are we having fun yet.  I hope so today.  My plan, if it warms up a bit outside, is to start cleaning out some flowerbeds at the cabin.  I may run into a snake or two so I will be very, very cautious.  I may saw some weed trees down for some sun and I will plant a few flowers and veggies.  I was going to replace two Carolina Jasmine's that The Hubby put in the ground a couple of weeks.  We left them to plant on the following weekend and then found them DEAD...or so we thought.  ...more

Rain Gutter Lettuce Garden

Are There GMOs in Your Backyard Garden?

As more families begin growing their own food, fears over genetically modified organisms making their way into backyard gardens mount. Some seed companies have based entire marketing campaigns on -- and even business structures around -- providing a GMO-free product while others have remained eerily silent. Meanwhile, consumers are paying premiums for reassurance on a topic they don't understand....more
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A View Most Pleasing To the Beholder

I’ve been rather upset and bitter, ever since we’d lost our home, thirteen and a half years ago. And having to move a number of times since, always leaving a piece of ourselves behind, only made the sword already half-way into my heart sink deeper. That’s a long time to carry the burden of a grudge against life. The weight of it all is pure misery; it robs you of your happiness—it leaves the heart and senses paralyzed. I’d become a cynic. But something different is suddenly happening to me. The world has given me a fresh view on life, even if only temporary....more
 @Laine Griffin Oh, Laine, me too! It is so open up here that it feels like I can take in clean ...more