Are There GMOs in Your Backyard Garden?

As more families begin growing their own food, fears over genetically modified organisms making their way into backyard gardens mount. Some seed companies have based entire marketing campaigns on -- and even business structures around -- providing a GMO-free product while others have remained eerily silent. Meanwhile, consumers are paying premiums for reassurance on a topic they don't understand....more
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A View Most Pleasing To the Beholder

I’ve been rather upset and bitter, ever since we’d lost our home, thirteen and a half years ago. And having to move a number of times since, always leaving a piece of ourselves behind, only made the sword already half-way into my heart sink deeper. That’s a long time to carry the burden of a grudge against life. The weight of it all is pure misery; it robs you of your happiness—it leaves the heart and senses paralyzed. I’d become a cynic. But something different is suddenly happening to me. The world has given me a fresh view on life, even if only temporary....more
 @Laine Griffin Oh, Laine, me too! It is so open up here that it feels like I can take in clean ...more

Air Drying Roses

A LASTING ROSEThis time of year roses abound in grocery stores and florist windows.  Their beauty is easy to prolong by simply drying them.  Once dried, roses have numerous uses beyond floral designing, such as healing tinctures and aromatherapy, not to mention the mere process of preserving them is an artful experience.  A delicate Rose Water for linens or fragrant Rose Beads for necklaces can be made from dried roses.  The options are endless with these fail-proof guidelines listed below....more

How To: Let's Talk Tomatoes!

A Quick Tomato Primer, because, you can never be to rich, too thin, or grow too many tomatoes! This is a quick and basic informational piece on tomatoes that I wrote two years ago. Everything still applies.It's that time of the year......that all gardeners look forward to. What shall we plant, and what wonderful yields will we realize? The coming season is always full of potential. I have had friends ask me in particular about my favorite tomato varieties and some other information regarding these home gardener's favorites. There's nothing like a home grown tomato, is there? I'm pretty passionate about my tomatoes. Anybody that knows me well knows that. So let's talk Tomatoes!...more
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And The Gentle Deer Walk Among Us

Deer, those gentle creatures with big, soft doe’ee eyes, will forever remind me of the movie I saw as a child, “Bambi.” And to see them now, as they peacefully roam my property and graze without a care in the world, knowing no harm will come to them. Why, it’s enough to melt my once icy heart, like butter left in the scorching sun. Yes, a family of deer, at least a baker’s dozen, does indeed walk among us. For them, this is a Deer Haven. How beautiful is that?...more
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Roadside Treasure

Going green isn't just about recycling.  Reusing old items or re-purposing found ones is a large component of responsible stewardship. ...more

The New USDA Zone Map and Why You Should Care....

Baby, I'm stir Crazy. Not because we have had a bad winter. No, in fact, in Missouri it has been blissfully mild and open up to now. I'm stir-crazy because I'm down in the back. Which gives you (all three of you) :) a treat. I'm going to write while in bed this weekend. Here comes my first masterpiece-My take on the New USDA Zone Map. Enjoy. Well if you can't enjoy, at least tolerate a lady who wants, very badly, to be doing SOMETHING..... ...more

A New Blog to Critique

I am doing a "soft launch" right here. I am welcoming critiques.  Be kind but constructive.....You see, I have this new blog about can visit it here:It is called "Julie Brown Gardening" and I am hoping to provide resources relative to gardening, in particular, in the Ozarks but they should apply to other areas too, with adjustments for timing in season, etc....more
Hello Julie! Thank you for your blog link as I wanted to visit it IMMEDIATELY when I read your ...more

What I Grew Last Summer

I'm still working on my new blog! And it's shaping up, slowly but surely. Today I put together some photos of my most recent gardening efforts. A couple things about me as a gardener: I'm into no-till/low till. I stoutly refuse to own a tiller, never have. I garden in small plots and raised beds. I use a lot of compost/mulch in these efforts. ...more