Roadside Treasure

Going green isn't just about recycling.  Reusing old items or re-purposing found ones is a large component of responsible stewardship. ...more

The New USDA Zone Map and Why You Should Care....

Baby, I'm stir Crazy. Not because we have had a bad winter. No, in fact, in Missouri it has been blissfully mild and open up to now. I'm stir-crazy because I'm down in the back. Which gives you (all three of you) :) a treat. I'm going to write while in bed this weekend. Here comes my first masterpiece-My take on the New USDA Zone Map. Enjoy. Well if you can't enjoy, at least tolerate a lady who wants, very badly, to be doing SOMETHING..... ...more

A New Blog to Critique

I am doing a "soft launch" right here. I am welcoming critiques.  Be kind but constructive.....You see, I have this new blog about can visit it here:It is called "Julie Brown Gardening" and I am hoping to provide resources relative to gardening, in particular, in the Ozarks but they should apply to other areas too, with adjustments for timing in season, etc....more
Hello Julie! Thank you for your blog link as I wanted to visit it IMMEDIATELY when I read your ...more

What I Grew Last Summer

I'm still working on my new blog! And it's shaping up, slowly but surely. Today I put together some photos of my most recent gardening efforts. A couple things about me as a gardener: I'm into no-till/low till. I stoutly refuse to own a tiller, never have. I garden in small plots and raised beds. I use a lot of compost/mulch in these efforts. ...more

I've dreamed of this for a long time. My new blog/website is coming....

One of the reasons I wanted to do the NaBloPoMo project was to see if I could regularly post something....basically anything. This month is about blogging for the sake of blogging, right? Not brilliant observations or useful knowledge...:)  Anyway, I have wanted for some time to do a personal blog/website having to do with my loves......they're twins, really, but not identical. I love them both equally, and they are indeed unique....more

Postcard from Last Summer

It's a postcard to myself....from last summer. I really, really love my garden.......I'm already poring through seed catalogs this year...which is a record for earliness for me.   "Farm Is Where the Heart Is"...more

Fall Garden Update

Nine Days Later the sake of good blogging, I keep you apprised during this month of slow germination and  NaNoWriMo. It took a little while before things started to stir in the three beds that I planted....more

What To Expect can hardly wait for seeds to sprout and transplants to mature. Here's alist of what I've planted. Bed One:...more