Why We Need Our Lives to be More 'Unwired'

It's clear that there are many ways technology has made our lives easier, faster, and more efficient. We can do things now that were impossible just a few years ago. From holding a real time business meeting with colleagues in Beijing to sharing files with coworkers in L.A., there is no doubt that technology has improved the way we work and live....more

First Lady Breaks Ground on Third Season of White House Kitchen Garden

On Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama will take part in the third planting of the White House Kitchen Garden. The garden has served as a touchpoint and centerpiece for Obama's campaign to reduce childhood obesity and improve eating habits for all Americans, but particularly for America's children. ...more

Family's Trademark of "Urban Homesteading" Sparks Debate

This week, a Pasadena, Calif. family sparked passionate debate within the food, gardening and farming communities when they asserted their right to the trademarked terms "Urban Homestead®" and "Urban Homesteading®." Urban farmers, supporters of the movement, food writers and others have loudly protested what they assert is a step across the line when it comes to protection of intellectual property and free expression. ...more

Urban Homesteading trademark was registered in Supplemental Register. It means that it is merely ...more

Foodies in the Family

My Gee Gee would pay us five cents for every potato bug in our pail. He’d hose mud off of a carrot and off of us at the same time. Shrieking, we’d jump from the spray secretly hoping to get caught by refreshing coldness. He’d hand us roughly cut rhubarb and send us to Baba knowing she’d sit us at the table where we’d dip scarlet tips into glasses of sugar....more

Planters of Upcycled Bags

Hello fellow readers,I have just added a new item to my shop: eatgreen.etsy.com.I am a craft maker that makes green practical items from upcycled materials. I have just finished rescuing a lot of plastic bags from ending in the grabage and ultimately in our land fields. I am turning them into useful items and updating my shop with new items everyday!Please feel free to visit it anytime!Hope to heaar from you soon,Monica- eatgreen.etsy.com...more

I have just added 3 cute mini journals to my shop:


My Grandmothers Heirloom Peony

I am pining for spring. Thoughts of spring fill my mind in the dreary months of January and February. Not that there aren't wonderful things to be enjoyed during those months but I do look forward to the warmer weather, a little more sunshine, and the excitement of planting my garden....more

How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardener

How to make a small vegetable garden - help for a newbie gardener Yesterday, i posted an article on your all time 10 best ingredients to cook. I had so much feedback and emails, it was amazing! I guess you people out there love that idea of just narrowing it down to 10. A lot of you couldn't just name 10 items....more

Day Dreaming

The holidays have passed and the air is crisp and cold, the trees have no leaves and it seems a perfect time for the mind to wander.  Here it is January, and I am already dreaming of spring time and gardening. ...more

Fig Happy

Fig HappyPhillip's parents have a quant little garden out the back, filled with lots of fresh produce. Things like lettuce, shallots, garlic, spinach and tomatoes - along with a fig tree and an olive tree. Each evening I meander through the garden and peruse the fig tree for fruit ready for eating.The figs are just coming into season and I can't wait for the first plump and juicy fig to be ready!...more