Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: October 15

Rhonda Fleming Hayes October 15 is a busy day...Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, Blog Action Day 2010...and National Grouch Day. However there's nothing to be grouchy about in the garden. I can think of many other g-words to describe it,  like great, glorious, gorgeous, and gratifying. See all the beautiful photos at The Garden Buzz.  ...more

Blog Action Day 2010:WATER

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Bloggers all over the world are writing about our most precious resource for Blog Action Day 2010. For my contribution I've compiled a list of 5 easy ways to conserve water in your garden. Read all about it at The Garden Buzz ...more

Top Ten Things I Love About Fall & My Garden Grew!

We've spotted the first signs of fall at our house.  Some of my favorite things of fall are; * harvesting our vegetable garden * the changing of the leaves * the crisp cool air while being sunny at the same time * the promise of a crackling fire soon to come * baking ...more

A Garden Wedding

Saturday, August 28, 2010...more

New house, new business, same chaos!

Well first I'll introduce myself a little! I'm Liz, mum of two, soon to be divorced and now living with my partner in sunny Brisbane. He works for The Gummint, I'm in the last year of a Diploma of Photoimaging and starting my small business, Red Boots Photographic. The two little monkeys in the photo are R & B our rotten, beautiful, infuriating, creative boys....not twins, worse....14 months apart. I was 19 and stupid, what can I say. Anyway, this blog is my umpteenth attempt to discipline myself enough to sit down for 15 minutes daily and write....more

Getting rid of a pest-infested old friend

No no, not you guys. Never. But the Green Ash tree that has graced our back yard for 7 years was felled [1] today.   Going...more

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea: Shabby Chic With a Good Heart

Rhonda Fleming Hayes The time had come for a pink hydrangea that blooms just like Annabelle, always fresh looking and ever dependable, blooming profusely until frost. Supporting the cause for breast cancer research, a dollar of the purchase price of every Invincibelle Spirit goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Two reason to try this beautiful bloomer. Read the rest at The Garden Buzz...more

Lean on Me: Emergency First Aid for a Favorite Plant

Rhonda Fleming Hayes If you're a regular reader, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for self-sowing plants. With more chutzpah than hubris they are the little plants that could. Take my Thalictrum or Meadow Rue; I point him out in the garden like a proud mom pushes forward a gawky child. Imagine my horror when a recent rainstorm nearly snapped his only, slender stem in half.... Read the rest at The Garden Buzz  ...more

Grandparents in the garden

My husband is shucking corn on the porch while I package blackberries in the kitchen. I smile at the yellow and ivory gemstones ears he brings in. He’s using my grandmother's butcher knife.  I can't pick blackberries without going through the time warp back to my childhood.  Heaven was a warm tomato right off the vine or a just picked peach....more

Art & Garden

Paige and I had a girl's morning / early afternoon day at Petaluma's Art and Garden Festival.  So many sites to see, taste and smell.  Petaluma's Art & Garden Festival was started in 2002 by volunteers and the Petaluma Downtown Association as a way to raise funds for the beautification of downtown Petaluma, and to provide a place to showcase the work local artists and gardeners....more