Why girls are making the grade

I sit with my son as he does his homework. I love watching him write the letters in his weekly sight words (he has beautiful handwriting) and the way he sticks out his tongue as he counts objects in sets. It takes a lot of focus on his part and on mine, too. Because if I don't sit there with him, he is not going to do it on his own. From his perspective, there are Legos to play with and adventures to be had; homework gets in the way....more

Nickle and diming the kids

My son is a picky dresser.I've not been allowed to pick out his clothing for at least two years. Yes, I supply him with enough neutral pants/shorts so he generally matches, but it is quite clear that I am not allowed to pick out his shirts. If he needs new clothes, then he is picking them out....more

Inspirational Experiences at the PBWC

Inspirational experiences are great career boosters. I am personally really fired up after attending the Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco yesterday (http://pbwcconference.org). Over five thousand participants seeking the same end goal, gender equality.  ...more

Batting with boys

At a recent Little League baseball game my attention, to be perfectly honest, was somewhat divided between watching my son Webster play, chatting with other mums and working a little on my laptop, when all of a sudden I thought I spotted a swinging ponytail out of the corner of my eye.  Long haired boys are not uncommon where we live, so I focused my eyes fully on the field and to my delight discovered that the opposing team did indeed have a girl player.     ...more

Men vs. Women; Major difference in brain wiring

I'm fascinated in the differences between men and women - psychologically, socially, physically and mentally. So this research about the genders' brains being wired differently really intrigues me!Neuroscientists at U Penn found the following when researching the brains of males and females ages 8 to 22:1. Females had more connectivity between the two hemispheres in the supratentorial region of the brain. This is were the cerebrum is located.vs.Males had more connectivity WITHIN each hemisphere.and...more

Dear GoldieBlox: We need to BLOW UP the pink aisle, not disrupt it...

Gold is the new pink? And this breaks down stereotypes about girls how??...more

Are Women More Available For Love Than Men? What Happened When I Switched Teams and Found Out.

Have you ever thought that your romantic life might be vastly improved by switching teams?  Ever fantasized about joining the lesbians driving U-hauls to their first dates?  After mastering the art of dating unavailable men, and finding myself mid-life, partnerless and still searching for love, the idea had certainly crossed my mind.  Perhaps another women would be better suited as a partner for the committed relationship that n...more
SeaHag I am the person you had this brief exchange with. I do find it offensive, as a gay ...more

2013 or 1953?

Yogurt is the New Man Food

 Are you man enough for yogurt?Forget about those too-small single serving containers with their soupy pablum lurking beneath a flimsy cap of tinfoil. Yogurt is being repositioned as sustenance for a manly man, with portions and packaging to match....more

Sparkly Shoes For Everyone! (or, let's do away with gendered clothing!)

Mir Kamin wrote a great piece about the recent flapdoodle over the “girls don’t do math” t-shirt being sold by The Children’s Place, which has just issued a “gosh we’re so sorry we didn’t mean to offend anyone” statement.  It’s great that they apologized, but it seems to me that it might be more cost-effective simply to avoid making clothing that promotes sexist stereotypes in the first place. Kamin points out that there are lots of clothes made for kids that have stupid logos or comments on them, but that not all these things draw such consumer anger. Where (and why) do consumers decide to shift from “nah, not gonna buy that stupid shirt” to GET IT OFF THE SHELF?...more
Great points about the gendered clothing choices for boys. I went to buy some pajamas for my son ...more